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The present Annex presents the activities tasks that form the EOSC-hub/OpenAIRE-Advance Joint Activity Plan. The present work plan is expected to produce results for a broad range of stakeholders, including: Research groups (e.g., Research Infrastructures, research projects, collaborations, and the long tail of science), decision makers and policy makers at national and European level, citizens, Industry/SME          , service and content providers, and research administrators and managers.

The joint activity plan includes three activities and a number of tasks per activity:

  • Joint activity JA1: Service Integration
  • Joint activity JA2: Communications, Engagement, Support and Training
  • Joint activity JA3: Governance and Strategy

The Results and activities of the Joint Activity Plan are periodically reported upon, and described in two deliverables, at PM18 and PM36 (see “List of Deliverables”).

Progress of the Joint Activity Plan in each of the joint activities is defined by milestones and the related timeline.

The deliverables and milestones timeline unit is the Project Month (PM). Project Months are counted started from January 2018.

For each joint activity, tasks are jointly coordinated by one EOSC-hub coordinator and one OpenAIRE-Advance coordinator – the “Task Coordinators” – as described in the sections below.

Task leaders


JA1.1 Machine-consumable Data Management Plans


Adil Hasan, T5.3 Integrated Business and Operations Support Systems/DPM, SIGMA2Georgios Kakaletris <>

JA1.2 Interoperability across EOSC services for Open Science

Giacinto Donvito, WP10 Technology Coordination (INFN)


Paolo Manghi <>

JA1.3 Towards Open Science-oriented Scientific Impact


Adrian Coveney, T5.4 Monitoring, Accounting, Messaging, Security Tools (STFC)


Andreas Czerniak <>

JA1.4 Enabling Services Integration in support of EOSC

JA1.4.A AAI Integration


Nicolas Liampotis, WP5.1 Identification, Authentication, Authorisation and Attribute Management (GRNET)

Antonis Lempesis

Athena RC (GRNET)

JA1.4.B Annotation


Yann Le Franc, T6.4 Data and Metadata management (eSDF)

Antonis Lempesis

Athena RC

JA1.4.C Anonymisation of sensitive data


Francesca Iozzi, T6.6 Sensitive Data (UNINETT)

Terrovitis Manolis

Prodromos Tsiavos

Athena RC

JA2.1 Communications


Sara Coelho, T3.3 Communications (

Kalliroi Mavrantoni

University of Athens

JA2.2 Common Support and Training


Giuseppe La Rocca, Coordinator of WP11 Training (

Kalliroi Mavrantoni

University of Athens?

JA2.3 Events


Sara Garavelli, Coordinator of T3.4 EOSC-hub Events (TRUST-IT)

Iryna Kuchma


JA3.1 Cross-project Governance


Tiziana Ferrari, Coordinator of WP1.2 Project and Activity Coordination (

Natalia Manola

University of Athens

JA3.2 Strategy


Tiina Kupila-Rantala, Coordinator of WP2.1 Strategic Direction (CSC)

Wolfram Horstmann

University of Gottingen

JA1 Service Integration

JA1.1 Machine-consumable Data Management Plans

EOSC-hub coordination: Coordinator of T5.3 Integrated Business and Operations Support Systems (SIGMA2)

OpenAIRE-Advance coordination: Athena RC

JA2 Communication, Engagement, Support and Training

JA3 Governance and Strategy

List of deliverables

JD1: First report on EOSC-hub and OpenAIRE-Advance joint activity plan (report, PM18)

JD2: Second report on EOSC-hub and OpenAIRE-Advance joint activity plan (report, PM36)

Milestones by task

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