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EGI Confluence is part of EGI Collaboration tools service provided to facilitate access to existing knowledge, easy distribution of communication to interested parties and for easy management of community and projects.


EGI Spaces:

  • EGI - the main space (this page)
  • Integrated Management System (IMS) - EGI Service management system (Access restricted to EGI Foundation)
  • Project Management Office PMO - Project management office page (Access restricted to EGI Foundation) 
  • EGI Office and IT Home - EGI intranet (Access restricted to EGI Foundation) 
  • Council Dashboard Home - EGI Council and EGI Executive Board space (Access restricted to EGI Council and Executive Board) 
  • EGI SPT - EGI Strategy and policy team space (Access restricted to EGI Foundation) 
  • EGI Strategic and Innovation Fund - (Access restricted to EGI Foundation, EGI Council and EGI Executive board)
  • EGI support - EGI support space (Access restricted to EGI Foundation)
  • EGI SVG - Software vulnerabilities group space (Access restricted to SVG members)
  • EGI User Documentation - DRAFT (Access restricted to EGI Foundation) 
  • EGI Bidding - Space collects all the calls that EGI opened for the NGIs to find providers for certain capabilities (Access restricted to EGI Foundation and bidding partners) 
  • SMS Demo - Template for Service management system set up (Access restricted to EGI Foundation) 

Collaboration and project spaces:

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