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Result type

Documents and reports, services, skills, software


Key innovation

Rich set of tools, consulting models and material that make it possible to provide training services tailored to optimally fit the needs of the diverse audience EOSC needs to reach.

Target audiences

Users, research communities, EOSC service providers.

Key benefit (for the audience)

Smooth integration into EOSC ecosystem, maximising the benefits.

Key exploitation paths

Through EOSC (part of the sustainability model), freemium approach and consultancy.

IPR approach

Multifaceted – most of the material is openly available, licensing approach differs on a case-by-case basis. The training material can be searched and filtered based on the licensing approach, e.g. to find training material licensed under creative commons, Apache or MIT licenses. The database making searching the training material and displaying it on the website could be protected under the sui generis database rights.

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