The EOSC-hub project has ended. This space is READ ONLY

The primary Project Results from the dissemination and exploitation point of view are the Key Exploitable Results (KER) listed on the project page:

For further refining and consolidating this information, each of the KERs has a "KER champion" assigned to them (appointments to be confirmed by the end of September 2020). The role of the KER champion is to act as the central contract point for all issues that might arise related to KER. The champion helps to coordinate and encourage exploitation and dissemination of the KER. The champion also acts as the primary spokesperson for the KER and accepts or suggests changes and improvements of the KER-related documentation, promotional material and plans in collaboration with the different WP3 team members.

The technical tracking of the developments related to KERs will contain the documentation about EOSC-hub project results and dissemination steps related to them. The information is now moved to a new system allowing greater degree of automation and searching than before (implemented on Google sheets and documented here)

For historical background, the initial list of project results identified during the writing of the project proposal is available, too.

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