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Result type

Business models, Policies and procedures, Services


Key innovation

Single contact point with a flexible engagement mechanism supporting all possible collaboration models with industry

Target audiences


Key benefit (for the audiences)

Lowers initial investment (time and effort) for identifying/accessing services and developing/testing new products and services as well as increasing visibility and networking opportunities on a European level.

Key exploitation paths

Continued activity in the context of EOSC and the wider network of digital innovation hubs[1]. In the long-run: formalisation of the knowledge and expertise into procedure descriptions standardised consulting offerings or certification schemes.

IPR approach

Each of the business pilot contacts retain the ownership of their own background IPR and the adaptations made to the proprietary code with the support of DIH. The EOSC-hub services are provided primarily using the standardised interfaces to the EOSC services; thus, DIH doesn’t have an impact on the IPR situation of the EOSC software.

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