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Result type



Key innovation

Set of service interfaces providing basic enabling services for EOSC access.

Target audiences

EOSC Hub Operators, Service Providers

Key benefit (for the audiences)

This KER provides a common toolset for integrating services to EOSC ecosystem. This is a prerequisite for the function of the hub as a federating core, and a mature implementation of the tools will streamline the processes of the EOSC Hub Operators. For the service providers, the KER provides tools to access several user communities through the hub by integrating their services to a single service API (instead of several community-specific ones) 

Key exploitation paths

The common services are targeting adoption by the permanent EOSC services. The reuse of individual components by third parties is encouraged.

IPR approach

Tools supporting the KER are licensed under number of different open source licenses. This ensures that irrespective of ownership. the software is available to EOSC in the future. Some of the services rely on databases that may fall under sui generis database protection.

Due to the nature of this KER, the software implementing the services needs to interface with numerous other software solutions. For this reason, the in-depth analysis of the IPR situation will be of special importance in the context of this KER.

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