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Result type



Interface: EOSC Marketplace: (pending future migration to single shared catalogue/marketplace under EOSC Enhance project)

Key innovation

More and better services for faster and higher quality research results

Target audiences

Researchers and Research Communities

Key benefit (for the audiences)

EOSC provides "one-stop shop" for a range of services and solutions to speed up the research process of the disciplines and enable cross-disciplinary collaboration and reuse of tools and results. It encourages sharing of the research tools and data between different research groups - also across disciplines.

Key exploitation paths

The sustainability of each of the services will ultimately depend on the successful science made using them. The EOSC Service Portfolio will support this goal by making the discovery of the services easier and reducing the effort needed to adopt them.

IPR approach

The marketplace software is published under a GPL 3.0 license[1]. Each of the services accessible through the marketplace has its own IPR approach (ranging from the public domain to proprietary software). The components from the Hub Portfolio (internal services) which are offered for integration by external services in the EOSC Service portfolio integration are offered under a range of open licences. Tool supporting the KER (SPMT, also relevant for the Service management system and the other portfolio-related KER) licensed under Gnu Affero license version 3 or later.

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