The EOSC-hub project has ended. This space is READ ONLY

Result type

Documents and reports, Brands


Confidential wiki space at  containing policies, process descriptions, procedures, roles, documents and records related to the SMS

Key innovation

Comprehensive, coherent and standards-based set of procedures and processes to manage the complete life cycle of services in a complex environment

Target audiences

EOSC Hub operators

Key benefit (for the audiences)

Ensure robust and resilient service delivery in a federated infrastructure with different types of many-to-many relationships between users, providers and customers

Key exploitation paths

EOSC, training events and consultancy

IPR approach

The underlying standard (FitSM) is licenced under Creative Commons. The EOSC-hub specific procedure descriptions (project internal use) are protected by copyright, with a standardised copyright notice mentioning the project and EC grant number.

The contents of the SMS are not public, but are intended to be available to future Hub Operators, so will be packaged as much as possible at the project conclusion for later uptake. This will be largely a set of documents with an appropriate license, as the other elements of the SMS are the intangibles related to individual experience in performing roles. The tangible parts will be documents and templates relating to policies, processes, procedures, role descriptions, reports and records.

Tools supporting the KER (SPMT, also relevant for the portfolio-related KERs) licensed under Gnu Affero license version 3 or later[1]

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