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Result type

Software, services

URL and

Key innovation

Support for federated service ecosystem: service discovery and access to market

Target audiences

Service Providers, Researchers and Research Communities, Enterprise

Key benefit (for the audiences)

Large, diverse and well-managed marketplace with transparent governance model.

●      The service providers will see increased interest in their services with user requirements that better match the specific offering

●      Researchers can compare solutions and reuse their credentials and knowledge related to EOSC service access with different providers

●      The Enterprise can lower the marketing and transaction costs considerably compared to targeting individual research institutes or researchers.

Key exploitation paths

EOSC through a collaboration agreement with OpenAIRE-Advance and eInfraCentral consortia and EFIS Centre, UoA and JPN

IPR approach

Outlined as part of the collaboration agreement involving the eInfraCentral and OpenAIRE-Advance projects. Brand protection plans are in place, software components licensed under Apache, GPL and LGPL licensed, other components protected by copyright, typically licensed under creative commons. The IPR ownership and licensing strategy will be reviewed periodically as part of the cross-project joint action plan.

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