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A procedure describing the steps to decommission Resource Centres in the EGI infrastructure.

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Alessandro Paolini copy from PROC11_Resource_Centre_Decommissioning in EGI Wiki

Table of contents


This procedure defines the good practices between a Resource Centre (aka site) and its users when the resource centre is being decommissioned.

It should be noted that the whole process of decommissioning a Resource Centre in an ordered manner will take up to four months. Note: the site hardware decommissioning can start after one month

Note: A separate document provides the process for Resource Centre Registration and Certification.


Please refer to the EGI Glossary for the definitions of the terms used in this procedure.

The key words "MUST", "MUST NOT", "REQUIRED", "SHALL", "SHALL NOT", "SHOULD", "SHOULD NOT", "RECOMMENDED", “MAY", and "OPTIONAL" in this document are to be interpreted as described in RFC 2119.

Entities involved in the procedure

  • Resource Centre Operations Manager: person who is responsible for initiating the decommissioning procedure by contacting the Resource Infrastructure Operations Manager.
  • Resource Infrastructure Operations Manager (aka NGI operations manager) : person who is responsible for finding and agreement with the Resource Centre about the timeline, in order to minimize the impact on the user communities and infrastructure. Resource Infrastructure Operations Manager is responsible of taking care that this procedure and related procedures are properly followed.
  • Virtual Organizations (VO's): Data and other stateful objects of the supported VO's may be stored at the Resource Centre.
  • Virtual Organizations (VO) managers: persons who are responsible for retrieving this data from the Resource Centre in due time. Tracking is done through their support unit in GGUS. If such support unit is not available, the VOs should be contacted directly using the contact information available in the VO ID card.
  • Operations Centre: entity which is technically responsible for carrying out the main ticket and database updates.

The Resource Infrastructure Operations Manager can determine the level of involvement of other actors together with the Resource Centre Operations Manager.

Contact information

  • EGI Operations: operations (at)
  • EGI CSIRT: egi-csirt-team (at)
  • A list of EGI Operations Centres and Resource Centres with their respective contact information is available on GOCDB
  • The list of VO's served by a specific Resource Centre can be retrieved from the BDII and VAPOR.
  • The VO managers and their contact information for a specific VO can be retrieved from the VO ID Cards on the Operations Portal.

Actions and responsibilities

Resource Centre Operations Manager

  1. A Resource Centre Operations Manager is responsible for all Resource Centres (RC's) within its respective domain.
  2. The Resource Centre Operations Manager of a Resource Centre in case of RC decommission is REQUIRED
    • to contact the respective NGI if the Resource Centre is located in Europe,
    • to contact the respective Resource Infrastructure Provider active in a relevant geographical area if the Resource Centre is outside Europe, about the intention of the Resource Centre to decommission operation.
  3. The Resource Centre Operations Manager is REQUIRED to provide the necessary Resource Centre information needed to complete the decommission process, and he/she is responsible for its accuracy and maintenance.
  4. The Resource Centre Operations Manager MUST attend Resource Centre decommissioning applications and MUST provide feedback to the requesting partners in a timely manner to accept or reject the requests received.

Resource Infrastructure Operations Manager

  1. A Resource Infrastructure Provider is REQUIRED to be responsible for all Resource Centres within its respective jurisdiction. For this reason the Resource Infrastructure Provider is responsible for assuring that all the Resource Centres follow this procedure for services decommissioning.

VO's and VO managers

  1. give the users the relevant information about the decommissioning (deadlines, involved resources, files, how to handle it)
  2. follow-up and support users in their file migration procedures until the deadline
  3. inform Resource Centre about the status of the migration(s)

Operations Centre

  1. The Operations Centre is responsible for decommissioning Resource Centre.
  2. The Operations Centre is responsible for updating the corresponding entries in the EGI configuration repository GOCDB.
  3. The Operations Centre MUST keep Resource Centre information up to date and in all operations tools as needed, such as the local NAGIOS server for monitoring of certified Resource Centres, the local helpdesk (if available) for the registration of the Resource Centre support staff, etc.



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