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Welcome to EGI Policies and Procedures!

This space is hosting the Policies and Procedures that are in place for the EGI Central services and across the EGI Federation

Here you will find Polices and Procedures applying to the EGI Service providers and linking with the EGI Service Management System (SMS) processes. 


CHM3 Evaluate and Approve Change Management Operated by Other OrganisationsValeria Ardizzone2021 Nov 17
CHM1 Manage changes including emergency changesValeria Ardizzone2021 Nov 16
PROC09 Resource Centre Registration and CertificationAlessandro Paolini2021 Nov 12
SEC02 Software Vulnerability Issue HandlingBaptiste Grenier2021 Oct 21
ISM7 EGI Federation-wide Information Security proceduresBaptiste Grenier2021 Oct 21
SEC01 EGI CSIRT Security Incident Handling ProcedureBaptiste Grenier2021 Oct 21
SEC05 Security Resource Centre Certification ProcedureBaptiste Grenier2021 Oct 21
SEC04 EGI CSIRT Operational Procedure for Compromised Certificates and Central Security Emergency suspensionBaptiste Grenier2021 Oct 21
SEC03 EGI-CSIRT Critical Vulnerability HandlingBaptiste Grenier2021 Oct 21
PROC19 Integration of new cloud management framework or middleware stack in the EGI InfrastructureAlessandro Paolini2021 Oct 07
PROC22 Support for CVMFS replication across the EGI InfrastructureAlessandro Paolini2021 Sep 24
PROC20 Support for CVMFS replication across the EGI and OSG CVMFS servicesAlessandro Paolini2021 Sep 24
CHM2 Maintain the list, descriptions and step-by-step workflows for well-known and recurring changesValeria Ardizzone2021 Sep 23
RDM3 Lightweight release processBaptiste Grenier2021 Sep 23
RDM2 Regular release processBaptiste Grenier2021 Sep 23
RDM1 Emergency release processBaptiste Grenier2021 Sep 23
PROC14 VO RegistrationBaptiste Grenier2021 Sep 16
PROC21 Resource Centre suspensionAlessandro Paolini2021 Sep 15
PROC02 Operations Centre creationAlessandro Paolini2021 Aug 16
PROC03 Operations Centre decommissionAlessandro Paolini2021 Aug 13


EGI Federation-wide Information Security policiesBaptiste Grenier2021 Oct 21
Change management policyValeria Ardizzone2021 Sep 23
Release PolicyBaptiste Grenier2021 Sep 23


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