Responsible Unit: EMI UI

Helpdesk: GGUS (Operations Helpdesk by TPM)

What is the purpose of the EMI UI Support?

The EMI-UI support aims at dealing with incidents related to the installation and configuration of the EMI-UI. For any other specific issue related to the EMI clients, tickets will be reassigned to the specific Product Team SU responsible for the affected part of the middleware. A ticket should be assigned to EMI-UI support when there is a problem in the installation or configuration of EMI UI. First and second level support should first debug the problem with the submitter of the ticket to detect any possible misconfiguration or misuse of the production repositories. Incidents reporting problems about the middleware installed by a EMI-UI should be directly assigned to the relevant Support Unit.

For which components does EMI UI provide support?


Which quality of service (QoS) will you provide?


Who will assign tickets to EMI UI Support?


Are tickets typically solved in EMI UI Support or reassigned elsewhere?


Who is responsible for EMI UI Support?

EMI product team "Integration Team" is responsible for the EMI UI Support. The involved people are:

  • Cristina Aiftimiei

What documentation is available on EMI UI Support?

What is the usual "Type of Issue" for the tickets of EMI UI?



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What if I have questions which are not dealt with by this FAQ?

Open a GGUS ticket indicating that it should be directed at the EMI UI team.