General information

EGI Core Services delivered in best effort way

  • Broadcast circulated on July 6th
  • Gap between EGI-ACE project (ended in June 2023) and the EOSC procurement that is going to find them (starting from Jan 2024)
  • Delivery in maintenance mode, ensuring continuous operation and security system maintenance
    • bugs fixing and application of security patches
    • no implementation of new features
    • no major upgrades
    • expected slower response time to the tickets



New infrastructure soon in production.



  • Monitoring of xrootd endpoints
    • some endpoints are exposed outside the site in read-only mode
    • the new service type "eu.egi.readonly.xrootd" was created for this purpose (see GGUS 160848)
    • new version of the xrootd probe executing only "read" tests: to be added in UMD and deployed in ARGO (GGUS 163071)
  • New version of srm probe to be deployed (GGUS 162411) and to be included in UMD (GGUS 162424)
    • support for py3 only
    • support for SRM+HTTPS
    • updated default Top-BDII endpoint

ARGO Message Service - Problems with the Swiss CA

  • GGUS ticket 162283 opened on 12th June
  • The NGI_CH sites cannot publish the accounting record through the Message service since the release of IGTF 1.120
    • Swiss CA based on DigitalTrust which has been discontinued
    • the bundle introduced a new long-lived CRL for DigitalTrust
      • this is an exceptional case to allow the business continuity of the Swiss sites since the CA stopped operating
    • AMS instead look at the CRL links provided with the clients' certificates, links that are no more valid, so it rejects all of the requests
  • Proposed to install the long-lived CRL in the trust store, to be used as a locally provided CRL that is in the trust store
    • it is a long-lived and would need to be retrieved once
    • In case of a security issue, the EGI CSIRT will notify immediately the provider to remove the CRL
    • if it works it would resolve the current issue for as long as the CA transition period is ongoing
  • AMS team was initially refusing to apply this fix
    • Worried about security implications
    • Entering in best effort phase from July 1st
      • but the solution was proposed in June
  • AMS team is currently assessing the effort that the proposed solution would require on their side


Feedback from DMSU

New Known Error Database (KEDB)

The KEDB has been moved to Jira+Confluence:

  • problems are tracked with Jira tickets to better follow-up their evolution
  • problems can be registered by DMSU staff and EGI Operations team

Monthly Availability/Reliability

Under-performed sites in the past A/R reports with issues not yet fixed:

Under-performed sites after 3 consecutive months, under-performed NGIs, QoS violations: (Aug 2023):

sites suspended: 


IPv6 readiness plans

Transition from X509 to federated identities (AARC profile token)

  • In Feb 2022 OSG fully moved to token-based AAI, abandoning X509 certificates
  • HTCondorCE: replacement of Grid Community Toolkit
    • The long-term support series (9.0.x) from the CHTC repositories supported X509/VOMS authentication until May 2023
    • Starting in 9.3.0 (released in October 2021), the HTCondor feature releases does NOT contain this support
    • EGI sites are recommended to stay with the long-term support series for the time being

Enabling SSL authentication on HTCondor 9 and 10

The HTCondor team set-up an upgrade procedure to help sites and VOs with the migration from X509 personal certificates to tokens.

Essentially it was created an intermediate step where the plain SSL authentication can be used to authenticate a client' proxy, in addition to the GSI one or to the token one:

In summary, the steps are:

  • update to HTCondor 9.0.19
  • enable the SSL authz (with priority over GSI)
  • map the users' DNs
  • test the SSL authz successfully
  • update to HTCondor 10.6.0 or later

Note the usage in the last step of the HTCondor Feature channel since it this the one supporting the EGI Check-in plugin from 10.4.0.

  • In this way the sites can accept clients’ proxies and tokens at the same time while waiting for the supported VOs moving completely to tokens.

Before starting with the official campaign, the new HTCondor version should be included in UMD (GGUS 162689).

  • the sites will get a ticket for starting the upgrade

The check-in-validator-plugin:

  • ARC-CE and HTCondorCE implemented a new API interface
  • The Check-in team released a plugin for the CEs allowing the Check-in/AARC token profile to work
    • according to the AARC guidelines, the claim to authorise the job submission is provided through a different attributes than the one used by the WLCG token
    • the plugin translates the attribute to be understandable to the CEs
  • The plugin has been successfully tested and can be now included in UMD
    • the plugin was tested with HTCondor Feature Release 10.4.0 which introduced the support to Check-in tokens
  • the plugin can be installed with HTCondor 10.4.0 or later

Important for the sites:

  • please start collecting information from the VOs you support about the DNs that should be mapped on your endpoints

Important for the VOs:

  • update the condor-client as well in coordination with the sites


  • enabling the SSL authentication on the HTCondorCE endpoints should allow the current probe to continue to work, especially during the migration phase
    • of course the ARGO users needs to be mapped on the several endpoints
  • To be clarified with the developers if the current version of the probe can work also with Check-in tokens.

DPM Decommission and migration

  • Suppor of DPM ended in June 2023
    • CERN IT will provide a minimal support to DPM until the EOL of CentOS 7, with very little effort:
      • only critical issues will be looked into
  • DPM provides a migration script to dCache (migration guide)
  • In September 2022 opened tickets to the sites to plan the migration and decommission:
  • Migrations still pending
    • Australia-T2
    • BG05-SUGrid (EOS)
    • GRIF (EOS)
    • IN2P3-IRES (DPM read-only from July, it will be switched off at the end of September.)
    • INFN-COSENZA (dCache)
    • INFN-FRASCATI (dCache)
    • INFN-ROMA1 (dCache)
    • NCP-LCG2 (dCache)
    • UKI-LT2-Brunel (XrootD/CEPHFS)
    • UNIBE-LHEP (dCache)
    • By Q3 2023

    • By Q4 2023
      • PSNC (EOS)
    • By Q1 2024

    • not clear/no reply
      • ATLAND
      • GR-07-UOI-HEPLAB

  • Please note that after June 30th no support is provided with the migration to dCache in case of issues.

New benchmark HEPscore23

The benchmark HEPscore23 is replacing the old Hep-SPEC06

Recent activities:

  • Some tests in particular with sites sending normalised reports were performed.
  • APEL client 1.9.2 released that adds basic HEPscore23 publishing using existing message format
    • It needs to be added to UMD
  • APEL server release candidate in testing
    • Liaising with Portal on setting up testing with them
    • this new version allows the aggregation of the accounting records by benchmark to monitor the move to the new benchmark over the time
    • When the tests are successful, final release of APEL server update and of the Portal
  • Information for testing the publication of accounting records with the new benchmark:
  • Expected a fix in ARC-CE for the proper configuration of HEPscore23
  • Please contact us if you'd like to make tests with the new benchmark

HEPSCORE application:

April GDB:

June WLCG Operations Coordination meeting:

Monitoring of webdav and xrootd protocols/endpoints


Next meeting


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