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EGI members (NGIs, EIROs, RIs and institutes) can delegate contacts to the EGI Community Managers Group. The EGI Community Managers Group is an information sharing network about user engagement, training, technical support and partner liaison activities in the EGI context. Members of the network have regular meetings and an email list to share information about their activities, and to exchange success stories and best practices between the European and national/community/institutional landscapes.

The EGI Community Group is focused on sharing information about the following areas:

  1. User Engagement:
      1. Objective: The EGI Federation is the reference compute platform for and increasing number of data-intensive science projects
      2. Activities: 
        1. Promote technical solutions and services at events national and European level
        2. Identify new scientific communities, engage them and define a joint work plan
        3. Participate in the EGI Digital Innovation Hub as technology valorization instrument with industry
  2. Training: 
      1. Objective: Users and service providers have the necessary skills and competencies to take benefit of EGI Federation services in their research activities.
      2. Activities: 
        1. Jointly define and deliver EGI training programmes taking into account user community and EGI participants’ needs and leveraging existing networks
        2. Support for training within scientific communities
        3. National/European training structures and events
  3. Technical Support (the EGI Competence Centres):
      1. Objective: Meet the digital needs of users and service providers with technical consultancy and support 
      2. Activities: 
        1. Assist user communities and providers in co-development, piloting and adoption of technical solutions and services
        2. Setup joint projects
        3. Running EGI open calls
        4. Handle service orders through the EGI and EOSC Marketplaces
        5. Establish long term collaborations between providers and users
  4. External Liaisons: 
    1. Objective: Coordinate participation in European-level initiatives of common interest, such as EOSC, GAIA-X, EuroHPC, European Digital Innovation Hubs
    2. Activities: Share information, coordinate common actions

A bit of history: 

Until mid-2021 EGI had an 'NGI International Liaisons' network (NILs). The Community Managers Group replaces the NILs with a broader scope that is open for both the NGIs and the Scientific Organisations of the EGI Council.  


NGI delegates:





Stephane Gerard, VUB
Olivier Devroede, VUB


Todor Gurov, IICT-BAS

Dobriša Dobrenić, SRCE
Emir Imamagic, SRCE
Ivana Křenková, CESNET
Luděk Matyska, CESNET
Czech Republic

Sorina Camarasu Pop

To be appointedGermanycheck with
Kostas Koumantaros,
Luciano Gaido, INFN
Davide Salomoni, INFN
Peter Hinrich,

Anastas Mishev, UKIM

Boro Jakimovski, UKIM

North Macedonia -
Tomasz Piontek, ICBP
Mariusz Sterzel, CYFRONET
João António Tomásio Pina,

Mihnea Dulea, Horia Hulubei National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering
Ladislav Hluchý,
Jan Jona Javorsek,
Pablo Orviz,
Alex Upton Switzerland ETHZ
Dean Flanders, SwiNG
Hakan Bayındır, TUBITAK
Feyza Eryol, TUBITAK
Onur Temizsoylu, TUBITAK
Andrii Golovynskyi, V. Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics NAS of Ukraine

Ian Collier, STFC


Scientific community delegates:




Bob Jones,
Maria Girone,
Helge Meinhard


Antonio Aloisio,
Antonio Fabrizio

(Organization: CMCC)
Dick M.A. SchaapSeaDataNet
(Organization: MARIS)
Ivan Rodero,
Juanjo Dañobeitia, and
Laura Beranzoli
EMSO Research Community
(Organization: EMSO-ERIC)

Craig Heinselman (*),
Ingemar Häggström,
Axel Steuwer

(*) Craig's term as EISCAT Scientific Association
ends in Dec. 2022. Axel will replace Craig.

(Organization: EISCAT Association)

Institutional delegates:







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Agenda (EGI2022 conference)

Agenda, Focus topics: Updates on recently received use cases,  Supporting Ukraine user communities, Upcoming national and topical events 
Updates from the NGI Community Managers, and 1:1 chats with Community Managers


Agenda, Focus topics: EGI2023, Status of the 1:1 chats with Community Managers, Status of the Open Calls

Events full category: See in Indico

Agenda, Focus topics:  EGI2023 call for abstracts and exhibition area opportunities, Community Managers session at EGI2023, Success stories from EGI

Agenda, Focus topics:  National Community updates (ACOnet), Community Managers session at EGI2023, Updates from the EGI success stories and Engagement Plan.

Agenda, Focus topics:  National Community updates (Report of the ACOnet workshop), Community Managers session at EGI2023, Updates from the EGI success stories and Engagement Plan, EOSC Future factsheet.