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The table will cover all dissemination activities undertaken by the tasks/work packages. Keeping this table up to date will facilitate all downstream reporting activities.

Types of activities:

Please select from: Presentation - Invited keynote - Panel discussion - Journal paper - Conference paper - Poster - Training event - Webinar - Blog post - News item - Newsletter article - Publication - Interview - Exhibition booth - Other (please specify)

Related project result: all activities should be linked to a project result. WP3 will produce a full catalogue of project results. While we don't have one, please select an item from the expected project results table.

Type of audience:

Please select from: Existing User Communities (e.g. our competence centres) - Resource Providers - Scientific Community (prospective users) - SMEs and Industry - Civil Society - Policy Makers - Funding Agencies - EOSC-hub partners - Media - Other (please specify)

This page is harvested regularly and older entries are harvested in a separate google spreadsheet (contains all activities added up to 7 January 2019)

Detailed instructions

Related project resultType of activities

Task # 



Outlet /
Name of event

Location (if applicable)Type of audienceEstimated ReachScale



Something from the catalogue of project results

Journal paperW10.xThe incredible Technical Architecture of the EOSC-hub project2017/01/10Journal of Amazing ProjectsNot applicableResource Providerse.g. number of citations (after a year), number of downloads; WorldwideLink to the PDF / webpage


Something from the catalogue of project results

Invited keynoteWP7.xThe benefit of Thematic Service Y to VVVologists2017/02/0220th European VVVology ConferenceSão Mamede de Infesta, PortugalScientific Community~100 people attended the sessionEuropeanLink to the online abstract

Services for sensitive dataWebinarWP8 + OpenAIRE-AdvanceData Privacy and Sensitive Data Services2018/12/06Online eventno applicableScientific Community~45 attendeesEuropeanAgenda link
OpenCoastS TSWebinarWP7.5/WP11OpenCoastS e-Tutorial2018/12/13Online eventnot applicableScientific Community~100 attendeesWorldwideThe webinar was not recorded (announcement)

From language data to insight: the CLARIN use case

2018/11/23EOSC Portal Launch eventVienna, AustriaPolicy makers, Research Infrastructures~300 attendeesEuropeanYouTube link
Radio-Astronomy CCVideoWP8.6

The Radio Astronomy Competence Centre and EOSC-hub

2018/12/12Launched on Twitternot applicableScientific Community

YouTube link


The EISCAT 3D Competence Centre & EOSC-hub

2018/10/11Launched on Twitternot applicableScientific Community

YouTube link

ICOS CCVideoWP8.7ICOS & EOSC-hub2018/10/08

Launched on Twitter

not applicableScientific Community
WorldwideYouTube link
DMCCOtherWP8.8Master Class on Disaster Mitigation2018/08/8-9APAN46Auckland, New ZealandScientific Community~50 attendeesAustralia and Asia-Pacific
DMCCPresentationWP8.8EOSC-hub Disaster Mitigation CC2018.09.5-7EnviroInfo 2018Munich, GermanyScientific and supercomputing communities~50 attendeesEuropean
DMCCPresentationWP8.8EOSC-hub Disaster Mitigation CC2018.12.4-75th International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies for Disaster MitigationTohoku University, JapanScientific and ICT Communities~50 attendeesJapan and international
Integration of common software and services for storage, compute and data (from EGI, EUDAT and Indigo-DataCloud)Presentation + PanelWP6.2Open Data analysis with EOSC-hub services2019/01/29CS3 2019 - Cloud Services for Synchronisation and SharingCNR, RomeScientific and ICT Communities~ attendees

Dataset AccountingPresentation & Conference paperT5.4EGI Dataset Accounting and the WLCG2018-07-1023rd International Conference on Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics (CHEP 2018)Sofia, BulgariaExisting User Communities, Resource Providers, Scientific Community~30 session attendees & readers of conference proceedingsInternational
Data policy recommendationsBlog postT2.4Data sharing done right2019-01-29EOSC-hub blognot applicablePolicy makers, Research Infrastructures
worldwideblog post
EOSC-hub webinar for the ERF data working groupWebinarWP3EOSC-hub: EOSC concept, updates and opportunities2019-02-27EOSC-hub webinar for the ERF data working groupnot applicableERF data working group, Scientific Community~ 15 attendeesworldwide
EOSC-hub: EOSC concept, updates and opportunitiesvideoWP3EOSC-hub: EOSC concept, updates and opportunities2019-02-27EOSC-hub webinar for the ERF data working groupnot applicableERF data working group, Scientific Community
WeNMR suite for Structural BiologyScientific paperWP7.6

West-Life: a virtual research environment for structural biology

2019-02-26Journal of Structural Biologynot applicableScientific Community
worldwideFull Text
Collaborative and Federation ServicesBlog postWP5

First integration results for collaborative and federation services


EOSC-hub blog

not applicablePolicy makers, Research Infrastructures
worldwideBlog post
EOSC-hub: EOSC concept, updates and opportunitiesPresentationWP3EOSC: concept, updates and opportunities2019-03-31EOSC and EOSC-hub presentation at the Environmental Computing Workshop of ISGC2019Taipei, TaiwanMembers of Disaster Mitigation CC and environmental research group representatives from Asia-Pacific; Germany and UK20Asia, Germany, UK
EOSC-hub training on common and federated servicesWebinarWP11.4The EGI Notebooks for interactive analysis of data using EGI storage and compute services2019-03-19Online eventNot applicableData Scientists~18 attendeesEuropean
EOSC-hub training on common and federated servicesWorkshopWP11.4Security Workshop at ISGC20192019-03-31ISGC2019Taipei, TaiwanIT Security training for VM operators, VM endorsers of the e-Infrastructure
EOSC-hub training on common and federated servicesTraining eventWP11.4The EGI Notebooks for interactive analysis of data using EGI storage and compute services2019-04-02ISGC2019Taipei, TaiwanScientists, research IT support people, and system administrators who operate services for Open Science.~55 attendeesAsia
Integration of common software and services for storage, compute and data (from EGI, EUDAT and Indigo-DataCloud)PresentationWP6.2Latest advancements in EGI operations for improved cloud federations


ISGC2019Taipei, Taiwan

Resource Providers, Research Infrastructures

~55 attendees

EOSC-hub MagazinePublicationWP33rd EOSC-hub Magazine2019-04-033rd EOSC-hub weekPrague, CZProviders, Research Infrastructures & communities
EOSC-hub achievementsPublication/flyerWP3Five ways of working with EOSC-hub2019-03-20--Providers, Industry-Europe
Use case/blogBlogWP3The two-fold benefit of collaborating with EOSC-hub: the EnviDat story2019-04-04--Research Infrastructures & communities-Europe
Use caseUse caseWP3EOSC in practice: ICOS2019-04-03--Research Infrastructures & communities-Europe
Use case/newsUse caseWP3New improvements for data-driven research in the Geohazards community2019-04-03--Research Infrastructures & communities-Europe

Upcoming activities / past activities to be added to the table:

  • Add the videos!
  • Giuseppe to add the related project result to WP11 activities
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  • M11.2

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