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The following describes the EGI Capabilities and the expected implementations from available EGI Technology Provider. The UMD Release Schedule describes the planned release schedule for UMD major and minor releases. UMD major releases (such as UMD 1.x, UMD 2.x, etc.) will be supported and updated while EGI is provided with updates from it technology providers for at most two consecutive years from the date of their initial release. UMD major releases will be made when non-backwards compatible changes need to be made to the software components within it. Minor releases within a major series (i.e. UMD 1.0.x and UMD 1.1.y) may introduce new functionality but existing interfaces and behaviours will remain.

Note: While EGI aspires to follow this plan as closely as possible, the UMD Release Plan is dependent on the software provided by our external technology providers and the quality of information (if provided) and their ability to meet their announced release dates. Therefore there will be no guarantee on release dates and contents other than the timely communication of changes as they become apparent. In particular, the time taken to include a product into a certain UMD release greatly depends on diligent and volunteer based StagedRollout activity [R 4]. If no volunteer picks up this Product and exposes it to the Production Infrastructure then that given Product is in danger of not being included in the planned UMD release and will be shipped later.

Unified Middleware Distribution 4

The following provides a planned schedule of UMD 4.The architecture of UMD4 is x86_64 only.

ReleaseRelease dateSupported OSAnnouncementAdditional detailsNotes
4.15.0October 2021CentOS7Planned
4.14.0June 2021CentOS7Planned
4.13.1May 2021CentOS7
4.13.0April 2021CentOS7
4.12.5November 23rd, 2020CentOS7,SL6
4.12.4November 20th, 2020CentOS7,SL6
4.12.3November 18th, 2020CentOS7,SL6
4.12.2October 19th, 2020CentOS7,SL6
4.12.1October 15th, 2020CentOS7,SL6
4.12.0October 13rd, 2020CentOS7,SL6
4.11.2Aug 14th, 2020CentOS7,SL6 release
4.11.1July 21st, 2020CentOS7,SL6 release
4.11.0June 29th, 2020CentOS7,SL6
4.10.3April 16th, 2020CentOS7,SL6
4.10.2April 15th, 2020CentOS7,SL6 release
4.10.1April 6th, 2020CentOS7,SL6 release
4.10.0March 26, 2020CentOS7,SL6 release
4.9.2February 10, 2020CentOS7, SL6 fix for CERN Frontier
4.9.1December 12, 2019CentOS7 update
4.9.0November 11, 2019CentOS7,SL6 release
4.8.5September 10, 2019CentOS7,SL6
4.8.4July 24, 2019CentOS7,SL6
4.8.3July 22, 2019CentOS7,SL6
4.8.2March 11, 2019CentOS7,SL6
4.8.1December 12, 2018CentOS7 release
4.8.0November 29th, 2018CentOS7, SL6 release
4.7.2October 2nd, 2018CentOS7, SL6 fix
4.7.1July 27th, 2018CentOS7, SL6 fix
4.7.0July 11th, 2018CentOS7, SL6 release
4.6.1March 14th, 2018CentOS7, SL6 release
4.6.0December 18th, 2017CentOS7, SL6 release
4.5.0August 10th, 2017CentOS7, SL6 release
4.4.2April 4th, 2017CentOS7, SL6
4.4.1March 24th, 2017CentOS7, SL6 release
4.4.0March 23rd, 2017CentOS7, SL6 release
4.3.2December 5, 2016CentOS7, SL6 update
4.3.1November 23, 2016CentOS7, SL6 update
4.3.0November 10, 2016CentOS7, SL6 release
4.2.1September 21, 2016CentOS7, SL6 update
4.2.0August 4, 2016CentOS7, SL6 update
4.1.1June 27, 2016CentOS7, SL6 update
4.1.0May 25, 2016CentOS7, SL6 update
4.0.0January 15, 2016CentOS7 release

Unified Middleware Distribution 3

The following provides a planned schedule of UMD 3. All the product released in UMD-3 will be supported until May 2014, further support will depend on the plans of the single product teams.

ReleaseRelease dateSupported OSArchitectureNotes
3.14.9March 24, 2017SL6Emergency update, Announcement
3.14.8March 16, 2017SL6Emergency update, Announcement
3.14.7December 5, 2016SL6Revision update, Announcement
3.14.6November 23, 2016SL6Revision update, Announcement
3.14.5November 7, 2016SL6Revision update, Announcement
3.14.4September 21, 2016SL5, SL6Emergency update, Announcement
3.14.3July 19, 2016SL6Revision update, Announcement
3.14.2June 16, 2016SL6Emergency update, Announcement
3.14.1December 18, 2015SL5, SL6Rrevision update, Announcement
3.14.0November 26, 2015Sl5, Sl6Regular update, Announcement
3.13.4September 29, 2015SL5, SL6Emergency update, Announcement
3.13.3September 10, 2015SL5, SL6Emergency update, Announcement
3.13.2July 15, 2015SL5, SL6Revision update, Announcement
3.13.1July 13, 2015SL5Emergency update, Announcement
3.13.0July 1, 2015SL5, SL6Regular update, Announcement
3.12.0May 5, 2015SL5, SL6Regular update, Announcement
3.11.1  March 4, 2015SL5, SL6Regular update, Announcement
3.11.016 Feb. 2015SL5, SL6, Debian6Regular update, Announcement
3.10.009 Dec. 2014SL5Regular update, Announcement
3.9.010 Nov. 2014SL5, SL6, Debian6Regular update, Announcement
3.8.1Oct. 09 2014SL5, SL6Emergency update, Announcement
3.8.0July 24 2014SL5, SL6, Debian6Regular update, Announcement
3.7.0June 12, 2014SL5, SL6Regular update, Announcement
3.6.0April 07, 2014SL5, SL6, Debian6Regular update, Announcement
3.5.0February 20, 2014SL5, SL6, Debian6Regular update, Announcement
3.4.0January 29, 2014SL5, SL6, Debian6Regular update, Announcement
3.3.0December 13, 2013SL5, SL6, Debian6Regular update, Announcement
3.2.1October 11, 2013SL5, SL6, Debian6Revision update, Announcement
3.2.0September 12, 2013SL5, SL6, Debian6Regular update, Announcement
3.1.1July 1, 2013SL5, SL6, Debian6Revision update, Announcement
3.1.0June 25, 2013SL5, SL6, Debian6Regular update, Announcement
3.0.0May 13, 2013SL5, SL6, Debian6Major release, Announcement

Unified Middleware Distribution 2

UMD 2 will expand the number of supported platforms to SL5, SL6 and Debian 6, all on 64 bit architectures. It will be based on EMI-2 and IGE-3 (which will be included in October 2012).

Please not that although UMD-2 will support three different OS platforms, not all services included in UMD-2 will be available on every platform!

The following provides a planned schedule of UMD 2. UMD-2 will reach end of support at 30 April 2014.

ReleaseRelease dateSupported OSArchitectureNotes
2.0.0July 2, 2011SL5, SL6, Debian6x86_64This initial UMD-2 release will be based on EMI-. UMD-2 is an entirely new major release of UMD; it expands the number of supported 64 bit OS platforms to SL5, SL6 and Debian 6.
2.1.0August 6, 2012SL5, SL6, Debian6x86_64Announcement
2.1.1August 11, 2012SL5, SL6, Debian6x86_64Announcement
2.2.0October 9, 2012SL5, SL6, Debian6x86_64Announcement
2.2.1October 29, 2012SL5, SL6, Debian6x86_64Revision update released in order to fix dependencies issues between EMI-WN and Globus libraries
2.3.0November 19, 2012SL5, SL6, Debian6x86_64Announcement
2.4.0February 18, 2012SL5, SL6, Debian6x86_64Announcement
2.4.1April 5, 2013SL5, SL6, Debian6x86_64Announcement
2.5.0May 24, 2013SL5, SL6, Debian6x86_64Announcement
2.6.0June 12, 2013SL5, SL6, Debian6x86_64Regular update
2.7.0October 22, 2013SL5, SL6x86_64Announcement
2.7.1October 20, 2013SL5, SL6x86_64Announcement
2.7.2November 01, 2013SL5, SL6x86_64Announcement
2.8.0February 11, 2014SL5, SL6x86_64Announcement

Unified Middleware Distribution 1

The following provides a planned schedule of UMD 1. For the major, and each minor release, more detailed release plans are provided in subsequent sections.

Note:Starting from 30 April 2013 UMD-1 products are not anymore supported for security updates. Only StoRM and dCache are still under security support. Please, install your services from UMD-2 or UMD-3.

ReleaseRelease dateSupported OSArchitectureNotes
1.0.011 July 2011SL5x86_64Announcement
1.1.01 August 2011SL5x86_64Announcement
1.2.012 September 2011SL5x86_64Announcement
1.3.031 October 2011SL5x86_64Announcement
1.4.019 December 2011SL5x86_64Announcement
1.5.030 Januar 2012SL5x86_64Announcement
1.6.02 April 2012SL5x86_64Announcement
1.7.028 May 2012SL5x86_64Announcement
1.8.02 July 2012SL5x86_64Announcement
1.8.124 August 2012SL5x86_64Announcement
1.9.019 December 2012SL5x86_64Announcement
1.10.028 February 2013SL5x86_64Regular update to clean up the pending products

UMD release status

UMD Dashboard

UMD release timeline

The following proposed deadlines determine in ultimo which Product version will be included in the next upcoming UMD release (as opposed to being planned for inclusion - that's the release schedule's purpose). The timeline is defined relative to a UMD release publication date as defined in the UMD release schedule:

t-2 weeksRelease date freeze.

The release date for the respective UMD release is fixated to the then set date. Before the release freeze date, the release date (and all dependent timeline dates) may change. While in theory this may mean that one can delay a given UMD release indefinitely, in practice that has never happened so far.

t-1 weekRelease contents cut-off.

Any product in the Software Provisioning process that did *not* get accepted by StagedRollout by that day, will be pushed to the subsequent UMD release (or perhaps even later as required). Technically, at that day, all products with an RT ticket in state "UMDStore" in the "sw-rel" queue will be taken into the UMD Composer, all at once. (see below)

t-1 weekCompose the UMD release.

The products that made the cut-off date will be taken into the next UMD release in the UMD Composer. Verification and StagedRollout assemble the necessary documentation, such as Konwn issues, Installation notes, etc. for the release's Wiki page, and summaries for the UMD release itself that will be published in the repository later-on. 2 days are seen enough, particularly when the relevant information is pre-assembled in a temporary Wiki space etc.

t-1 weekPrepare a release candidate.

At least one Release Candidate (RC) will be prepared for the currently provisioned UMD release including all accepted products.

  • EA sites that participated in the provisioning of this UMD release are approached to test this RC.
  • All StagedRollout EA sites are also invited to test this RC.
  • If the current RC is unacceptable, then another RC may be produced correcting the issues. This may affect the actual final release date, and is decided on a case-by-case basis.
  • If no more feedback is given for the current RC, then this RC will become the final release of the provisioned UMD release.
tPublish the UMD release.

The UMD release is published for production. The aim is to publish UMD releases on a Monday, or in the first half of the week up to and including Wednesdays.

The UMD Release Schedule is updated as required: Changes in Technology Provider Release Schedules may trigger changes in the UMD Release Schedule.

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