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WP11 has already allocated a small budget for each CC (WP8) and TS (WP7). In addition to that, in order to support the delivery of training on generic services offered by WP5 and WP6, WP11 has also identified an additional budget to cover the travel costs of WP5 and WP6 trainers at high-impact events.

The budget breakdown is the following:

  • WP11 other costs budget: €20,000 + €5,000

    • Training travel costs: €5,000

    • FitSM Certifications: €20,000

The budget will cover:

  • Training travel costs of trainers from WP5 and WP6 at high-impact events

  • Costs of the FitSM certifications/exams fees charged by the Certification Authority.

 For further details, please check the procedure available at: PROC07 Allocating financial support for trainers to attend f2f events

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