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OpenAIRE-Advance Project

Collaboration Agreement


WP2, WP3, WP5, WP6, WP7, WP8, WP10, W11

GEANT4-2 Project

Collaboration Agreement

FINAL, signed on 03 July 2018WP2, WP3, WP4, WP5, WP6, WP10

OCRE Project


FINAL, signed on 02 August 2019WP3 (Early Adopter Programme) and WP12 (Business Models and Procurement)Sergio Andreozzi

OCRE Project for Voucher distributions


signature process started in late October 2019WP10, WP12Sergio Andreozzi
EOSC Portal Collaboration Agreement

FINAL, September 2019Collaboration Agreement defining the contributions of EOSC-hub, OpenAIRE-Advance and partners of the eInfraCentral project for the technical development, maintenance, daily operations and communication activities related to the EOSC Portal service components.Tiziana Ferrari
Deep Hybrid Data Cloud Collaboration Partnership

October 2019

WP9- Digital Innovation HUB.

Collaboration partnership between EOSC DIH and the project Deep Hybrid Data Cloud to include Deep AI services in the EOSC DIH offers and start a business pilot.  

CloudSME Collaboration Partnership

November 2019

WP9- Digital Innovation HUB.

Collaboration partnership between EOSC DIH and the company CloudSME to include MiCADO in the   EOSC DIH offering and start a business pilot.  

Open Aire collabroation

December 2019

WP9- Digital Innovation HUB.

Collaboration partnership between EOSC DIH and the OpenAire to promote the OpenAire services in the EOSC DIH offering


July 2020

WP11 Training and Services for Service operators, Research and Higher Education

Collaboration partnership between EOSC-hub and the FAIRsFAIR project to promote:

  • Sharing of templates, examples and policies for FAIR data repositories, 
  • FAIR Certification of trustworthy data repositories, and 
  • Training activities

July 2020The projects have already cooperated through a working meeting held in Amsterdam in July
2019 that dealt with EOSC services, the PID Services Registry, and relations between the
B2HANDLE service and FREYA, among other topics. Subsequent discussions concerned the
nature of the EOSC Federating Core and the place of PIDs within it.
It is therefore proposed that, in the remaining lifetime of the two projects, cooperation should
proceed in four areas:
1. Develop a joint position on the place of PIDs in the EOSC Federating Core (and EOSC
services more generally), based on the emerging EOSC Architecture WG proposal.
2. Collaboratively work on integration of the PID Services Registry with the EOSC Portal.
3. EOSC-hub will advertise training events organised by FREYA on PID and will store
FREYA training material in its training registry.
4. Organise a joint FREYA/EOSC-hub event in November 2020 to advertise the results of
the joint activities and the achievements of both projects.
Johannes Reetz
EOSC Portal Collaboration Agreement
EOSC-hub / EOSC Enhance / OpenAIRE Advance

 September 2020Summary of activities
● Data models and processes for EOSC Resources
● Technical development of demand side components
● Technical development of supply side and operator side component
● Operation of the onboarding process
● Communication and stakeholder engagement
● EOSC Portal Metrics
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