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Ticket Status Values for Helpdesk

Status values in EOSC-Hub Helpdesk are grouped into two meta status: open and closed.

Open status used in Helpdesk are:

  • new
  • assigned
  • in progress
  • on hold
  • waiting for reply
  • reopened

new: This is the default status set on ticket creation.
assigned: This status indicates the ticket is assigned to a support unit.
in progress: The support unit has accepted the ticket and started investigating.
on hold: The problem is expected to take longer time until solving. Probably it is related to a software bug and has to await the bug fix.
waiting for reply: A reply from the ticket submitter is required.
reopened: A ticket has been set to a terminal status but the submitter is not satisfied with the solution provided. He reopened the ticket.

Closed status used in Helpdesk are:

  • solved
  • unsolved
  • verified
  • closed

solved: A solution is provided by the support staff. The submitter can reopen the ticket if the solution doesn't fix the problem.
unsolved: Solving the problem is not possible, due to any reason. However, the submitter can reopen the ticket for further comments.
verified: This status can only be set by the ticket submitter. It indicates the submitter is happy with the solution provided. Reopening the ticket is not possible any longer. This status indicates that the user is satisfied with the provided solution.
closed: This status is set automatically by the system after 10 working days if the submitter doesn't verify the solution. Reopening the ticket is not possible any longer.

Schematic view of a ticket status and change of status:

These statues are taken from the GGUS system GGUS Status Values.

Ticket Status Values Diagram

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