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This procedure aims to document the process for creating a new support unit in the EGI Helpdesk service (GGUS).


Please refer to the EGI Glossary for the definitions of the terms used in this procedure.

The key words "MUST", "MUST NOT", "REQUIRED", "SHALL", "SHALL NOT", "SHOULD", "SHOULD NOT", "RECOMMENDED", “MAY", and "OPTIONAL" in this document are to be interpreted as described in RFC 2119.

Entities involved in the procedure

  • Requester: any EGI member
  • EGI Operations: to oversee the process and provide help if needed
  • GGUS team: to process the request


A new service/service component

A new middleware product

A new NGI/OC (PROC02 Operations Centre creation)

A new VO (PROC14 VO Registration)

Required information

The following information should be provided when requesting the creation of a new SU:

  • Name: the SU name.
  • SU Category: say explicitly where the new SU should be placed under one of the existing categories. If needed, a new SU category can be created as well.
  • Mailing list: to be used as a recipient of the ticket notifications. It is also possible to interface GGUS with other helpdesk systems.
  • QoS: Quality of Support (Base/Medium/Advanced. Needed). Needed to produce the ticket response time reports. See Service Level Target - Quality of Support.
  • information for the FAQ: each SU has a FAQ providing several information to help the supporters in assigning the tickets. 


Step# ResponsibleActionNotes

Open a ticket on GGUS to the Helpdesk (GGUS) SU providing the required information.


operations <at> should be added in copy to the ticket. Operations Team may be asked, my GGUS Team, to confirm the request.

Example of the text:


Dear GGUS supporters,

we would like to request the creation of a new support unit.

- Name: ....
- SU Category: ...
- mailing list: ....
- QoS: ...
- information for the FAQ: ...

Thanks in advance,


if you are requesting the SU for a VO, provide also the link to the ticket associated to the VO registration request and the link to the VO Id Card.

2aGGUS team

Process the request. All the progress is tracked into the ticket. Add operations <at> in copy to the ticket if not yet added.

The SU will be available before the next GGS monthly release.

bRequesterif the request is accepted, all the people involved in the support unit need the supporter role (see the documentation on how to get a supporter role)
GGUS teamCloses the ticket after the creation of the SU.

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