Responsible Unit: VOMS

Helpdesk: GGUS (Operations Helpdesk by TPM)

What is the purpose of the VOMS Support?

The purpose of the VOMS SU is handle tickets assigned to it through the GGUS system. These tickets can originate from a user or from operations. This SU involves VOMS developers therefore it is a 3rd level SU. It is intended to support software defects in VOMS. Operation-level issues, such as misconfiguration or general (un)availability of VOMS services, are to be resolved by the managers of the respective VOs. So in most cases the issues dealing with VOMS should be directed to VOSupport SU and have properly set the field "Change concerned VO".

For which components does VOMS provide support?

The VOMS SU will deal with problems concerning these issues:

  • Abnormal functioning of voms client tools (voms-proxy-init, voms-proxy-info, voms-proxy-destroy, voms-proxy-list);
  • Abnormal functioning of voms server. VOMS server unavailability is not an abnormal function, look above and direct the ticket to VOSupport SU.

Which quality of service (QoS) will you provide?


Who will assign tickets to VOMS Support?

A ticket is usually assigned to the VOMS support unit by DMSU.

Are tickets typically solved in VOMS Support or reassigned elsewhere?

The VOMS supporters either resolve the matter and solve the ticket or they assign the ticket to another support unit.

Who is responsible for VOMS Support?

The persons responsible for VOMS are: Andrea Ceccanti.

What documentation is available on VOMS Support?


What is the usual "Type of Issue" for the tickets of VOMS?



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What if I have questions which are not dealt with by this FAQ?

Open a GGUS ticket indicating that it should be directed at the VOMS team.