Responsible Unit: INDIGO DataCloud Catch-all

Helpdesk: GGUS (Operations Helpdesk by TPM)

What is the purpose of the INDIGO DataCloud Catch-all Support?

The SU will deal with all the issues regarding INDIGO-DataCloud software. It will ensure the triage of GGUS tickets, directing them to the different INDIGO - DataCloud PTs for problems with the developed software but also to the INDIGO WP3.3 for issues with the INDIGO-DataCloud underlying build and testing infrastructure, repositories and other tools made available to the project.

For which components does INDIGO DataCloud Catch-all provide support?

Which quality of service (QoS) will you provide?

Base FAQ_GGUS-QoS-Levels

Who will assign tickets to INDIGO DataCloud Catch-all Support?

A ticket is usually assigned to the INDIGO DataCloud Catch-all support unit by DMSU. This causes the INDIGO DataCloud Catch-all team to investigate if solving the ticket is really in their responsibility. If not, the ticket is re-assigned to DMSU or the responsible support unit. If yes, the supporters will tackle the problem. A ticket can be assigned to INDIGO DataCloud Catch-all by the DMSU team when a ticket submitted by a user seems to be related to a INDIGO problem;

Are tickets typically solved in INDIGO DataCloud Catch-all Support or reassigned elsewhere?

The INDIGO DataCloud Catch-all supporters either resolve the matter and solve the ticket or they assign the ticket to another support unit. The other support unit may be TPM – ticket process management. TPM is the appropriate choice when the supporter does not know to which support unit to assign the ticket.

Who is responsible for INDIGO DataCloud Catch-all Support?

Cristina Aiftimiei (INFN-CNAF)

What documentation is available on INDIGO DataCloud Catch-all Support?

What is the usual "Type of Issue" for the tickets of INDIGO DataCloud Catch-all?



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What if I have questions which are not dealt with by this FAQ?

Open a GGUS ticket indicating that it should be directed at the INDIGO DataCloud Catch-all team.