Responsible Unit: EDUPERT

Helpdesk: GGUS (Operations Helpdesk by TPM)

What is the purpose of the EDUPERT Support?

eduPERT provides support for troubleshooting performance issues over the network.

For which components does EDUPERT provide support?

For the network.

Which quality of service (QoS) will you provide?

The service provided is Best Effort.

Who will assign tickets to EDUPERT Support?

It is the TPM (1st line support) who does the assignment.

Are tickets typically solved in EDUPERT Support or reassigned elsewhere?

Usually network performance problems are seen on a multidomain path. The ticket is reassigned based on the domains crossed.

Who is responsible for EDUPERT Support?

The eduPERT task leader (Kurt Baumann - SWITCH)

What documentation is available on EDUPERT Support?

eduPERT is a service provided by GEANT. All the information about the community can be found on the main website [1]. For the support provided to the EGI community there is no special documentation.

What is the usual "Type of Issue" for the tickets of EDUPERT?



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What if I have questions which are not dealt with by this FAQ?

If you have any other question, you can contact directly the eduPERT using the form on the website [2] at the section "Contact Us".