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  • Open ICT EcosystemAn ICT ecosystem is open when it is capable of incorporating and sustaining Interoperability, collaborative development and transparency, while increasing capacities to create flexible, service-oriented ICT applications that can be taken apart and recombined to meet changing needs more efficiently and effectively.
  • Open ScienceOpening of the creation  and dissemination of scholarly knowledge towards a multitude of stakeholders, from professional researchers  to citizens 
  • Open StandardA standard is open if meets the following criteria: All stakeholders have the same possibility of contributing to the development of the specification and public review is part of the decision-making process; The specification is available for everybody to study; Intellectual Property Rights related to the specification are licensed on FRAND (Fair, Reasonable, and Non-Discriminatory) or royalty-free terms in a way that allows implementation in both proprietary and open source software.
  • Operational Level AgreementDocumented agreement between a service provider and another part of the service provider’s organisation or a federation member to provide a service component or subsidiary service needed to allow provision of services to customers
  • Operational TargetReference / target value for a parameter used to measure the performance of a service component, listed in an operational level agreement (OLA) or underpinning agreement (UA) related to this service component
  • Operations CentreA centre offering operations services on behalf of one or more Resource Infrastructure Providers.

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