Reporters View and Responsibilities

This describes the reporters view and responsibilities.

What to do if you find a Software Vulnerability in the EGI infrastructure

Vulnerabilities are handled according to the approved EGI Software Vulnerability Issue Handling Procedure

If it has not been publicly announced:--

DO NOT discuss on a mailing list - especially one with an open subscription policy or public archive

DO NOT post information on a web page

DO NOT publicise in any way - e.g. to the media

IMMEDIATELY Report it to report-vulnerability (at)

This can also be used to alert the SVG to issues announced publicly which are likely to be relevant to the EGI infrastructure.

If you have accidentally released information publicly

Let us know, and get it removed if possible, e.g. if you have put details on a public web page - please delete it.

Help and co-operate with the investigation

While there is no obligation to help with the investigation, it is often extremely helpful if the person who finds a vulnerability is able to assist with the investigation.

The reporter receives information

The SVG will let the reporter know the outcome of the investigation and risk assessment, including the risk category and Target Date for resolution. The reporter will receive a copy of the advisory, if one is issued.