EGI CSIRT, SVG and SPG contact information

A list of EGI security-related contact information that might be useful for the site administrators, CSIRTs, sites and relying parties etc.

EGI CSIRT Contact Information

  • abuse 'at' : to report security incident and/or abuse
  • csirt 'at' (alias for csirt 'at' EGI CSIRT main contact point
  • irtf 'at' Incident Response Task Force operational actions
  • ngi-security-contacts 'at' Alias for all NGI security officers and their backups
  • site-security-contacts 'at' Alias for all EGI site CSIRTs

EGI SVG Contact Information

  • report-vulnerability (at) to report a Software Vulnerability
  • svg-discuss 'at' The EGI Software Vulnerability Group discussion list
  • svg-rat 'at' The Risk Assessment Team for the EGI Software Vulnerability Group

EGI SPG Contact Information

  • spg-discuss 'at' Security Policy Group (SPG) discussions

Miscellaneous services

You will be able to find the contact information for IGTF-approved Certification Authority based on the certificate's distinguished name using EUGridPMA subject locator service.

One who seeks information about various Virtual Organisations (VOs) may find the list of all registered VOs for the EGI project to be useful.

Working Hours

Our team is reachable between 9:00 - 17:00 (CET) Monday to Friday

Out of working hour will be be available on a best effort basis

Links to EGI security teams

EGI Computer Security and Incident Response Team (CSIRT)

EGI Software Vulnerability Group (EGI SVG)

EGI Security Policy Group (EGI SPG)