This is the Project Event Plan and it provides information on the planned - during the proposal phase - and actual date and place of the project events, as well as the main meeting goals.

Project Event TitlePlanned date (in Month)Actual DatePlanned PlaceActual PlaceMeeting Goals
Kick-Off MeetingM1


ViennaVirtual meeting
  • Get a good overview of the planned activities under the project
  • Show how the WPs contribute to the objectives of the project and how they interact with each other
  • Introduce the teams
  • Create a common outlook for the direction of C-SCALE

User Forum Kick-Off





DelftVirtual meeting
  • Official kick-off of C-SCALE User Forum (Milestone 10)
  • Status of the data and compute federation (WP2 and WP3)
  • Status of use case deployment in the federation
  • Discussions on the individual use cases

Mid-Term Review


Progress Meeting

Virtual meeting

Final Review


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