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EGI Confluence is provided by a free Atlassian Confluence Community License granted to Stichting EGI.


EGI Spaces:

  • EGI - the main space (this page)
  • Integrated Management System (IMS) - EGI Service management system (Access restricted to EGI Foundation)
  • Project Management Office PMO - Project management office page (Access restricted to EGI Foundation) 
  • EGI Office and IT Home - EGI intranet (Access restricted to EGI Foundation) 
  • Council Dashboard Home - EGI Council and EGI Executive Board space (Access restricted to EGI Council and Executive Board) 
  • EGI SPT - EGI Strategy and policy team space (Access restricted to EGI Foundation) 
  • EGI Strategic and Innovation Fund - (Access restricted to EGI Foundation, EGI Council and EGI Executive board)
  • EGI support - EGI support space (Access restricted to EGI Foundation)
  • EGI SVG - Software vulnerabilities group space (Access restricted to SVG members)
  • EGI User Documentation - DRAFT (Access restricted to EGI Foundation) 
  • EGI Bidding - Space collects all the calls that EGI opened for the NGIs to find providers for certain capabilities (Access restricted to EGI Foundation and bidding partners) 
  • SMS Demo - Template for Service management system set up (Access restricted to EGI Foundation) 

Collaboration and project spaces: