General Assembly (GA)

General Assembly (GA) is the ultimate decision-making body of the project with responsibility for the strategic vision. The GA provides direction to the Activity Management Board (AMB) and the Project Office (PO). Each beneficiary is represented by one voting member in the GA, with the Project Coordinator (PC) and the Project Director (PD) being non-voting members of the GA. Chair is elected by GA members.

Activity Management Board (AMB)

Accountable to the GA, the Activity Management Board (AMB) is the executive body in relation to project implementation and strategy. It coordinates the execution of project activities within and across the project work packages according to the activity plan, quality plan and strategy defined by the GA. AMB collects, reviews and distributes project deliverables/milestones. Members are the WP Leads and is chaired by the PD.

Project Office (PO)

The Project Office (PO) manages the project finances, administration, and communications with the EC. The PO monitors the project allocations and its consumption, provides administrative support to the project beneficiaries, and defines, implements, and controls the Quality Management and Risk Management strategy, plans and registers. The PO is the central point for external contact to C-SCALE. Project Coordinator chairs the PO.

User Forum (UF)

The User Forum (UF) provides feedback on the implementation and functionality of C-SCALE from the User Communities engaged by WP4 in the implementation of the use cases. Feedback to the work package leaders of WP 2 and WP 3 is enabled via the AMB. The UF is also used as a mechanism to engage with the national and international organisations invested in Copernicus Services. Chair is the lead of WP4.

Advisory Board (AB)

The Advisory Board (AB) gives direction to the AMB by advising on plans to increase the impact of the project outputs at a European level. This includes input on service provisioning and engagement priorities. Chair is self-elected from the board members.


Project Coordinator (PC)

Accountable to the GA, the Project Coordinator (PC) is responsible for the overall project management including administrative and financial management within and across work packages to ensure that the project is carried out efficiently and in accordance with contractual obligations. Key responsibilities include:

  1. coordination of the PO;
  2. implementation of GA resolutions having legal or financial impact on beneficiaries;
  3. financial and administrative project management and contingency planning;
  4. operation of the PO;
  5. monitoring of the project for proper action implementation;
  6. communications with the EC for all project administrative and financial matters.

The PC role is appointed by EODC.

Project Director (PD)

Accountable to the GA, Project Director (PD) is responsible for execution of the activity plans of the project to meet the overall scientific and technical objectives of the project, and for executing the strategic, scientific and technical activities under the direction of the AMB. Key responsibilities include:

  1. Execution of the overall project strategy and its implementation as decided by the AMB, including the scientific and technical coordination of the project, and
  2. Chair of the AMB.

The PD role is appointed by EODC.