EOSC Portal Catalogue and Marketplace provides a platform which enables different kinds of users, with different skills and interests to discover, access, use and reuse a broad spectrum of EOSC Resources. It not only does offer advanced compute and data services from publicly-funded and commercial organisations, it also allows researchers and institutions to focus on value creation and increase the excellence of research and European competitiveness. 


Registration and Account Settings

Current roles in the system: Unregistered user, Registered user, Service owner/service provider, Admin.

Searching in the Marketplace

The user can search for services in the following ways: 

Projects in the Marketplace

Current roles in the system: Single user as your own academic research, Representing a research community as larger community collaboration, Representing a private company.

The marketplace projects is a lightweight approach to assist users on organising their services and related orders into logical blocks which share a common purpose and gaining support in the scope of the created project.

The user can: 

Ordering process

The user is guided step by step through the service order management process and ability to get assistance from international technical teams, who provide advice on the most suitable solutions to address the digital needs. 

The user can:

In case of no ordering required ( Such services are open to everyone, no login required.

In case of Orders to be delegated 

In case of Orders to be processed via the Marketplace


The user can:

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