behaviour of a community is a composition of processes addressing specific scientific concerns. Behaviours are  performed by SV Community Roles. In the ENVRI RM, the modelling of community behaviours is based on analysis of the common operations of research infrastructures which has resulted in Appendix A Common Requirements of Environmental Research Infrastructures. The community behaviours model focuses on supporting a predefined minimal set of functionalities. A community behaviour can be either a single function or a composition of several functions from the function list. 

A process is a collection of steps taking place in a prescribed manner and leading to an objective. A step is an abstraction of an action, used in a process, that leaves unspecified the objects that participate in that action. Steps are introduced in the definition because not all the action details need be specified  in the composition.

The Science viewpoint of the ENVRI RM only defines high level behaviours. A behaviour can be refined further by defining its constituting processes and steps, however, this task is left to the actual system designers.

Behaviours of the Data Acquisition Community 

The key behaviours of the data acquisition community through the interaction of the community roles include:


The roles of the data acquisition community are described in  Acquisition Community Roles

Behaviours of the Data Curation Community 

The main behaviours of the data curation community include:


The roles of the data curation community which are described at  Curation Roles.

Behaviours of the Data Publishing Community 

The data publishing community may perform the following behaviours:


The roles of the data publication community are described at  Publication Roles.

Behaviours of the Data Processing Community 

The following behaviours of the data processing community are modelled:

These are general behaviours of a service-oriented computing model. In the context of environmental science research infrastructures, a data processing community will focus on the implementation of domain special services, in particular those supporting Data Assimilation, Data AnalysisData Mining, Data Extraction, Scientific Modelling and Simulation, (Scientific) Workflow Enactment (See Terminology and Glossary for the definitions of these functionalities).


The roles of the data processing community are described at  Processing Roles.

Behaviours of the Data Use Community 

The data use community can be divided in two main groups: (1) the behaviours performed by active roles (human actors) and (2) the behaviours performed by passive roles (computer resources). The first group encompass the activities performed by human actors using the RI to interact with the different components of the RI. This can extend to all the actors in all the communities defined in the SV, in addition to the ones in the use community, these behaviours form a specialisation of the use community which can be called community support behaviours (or user support behaviours). The second group corresponds to the behaviours that enable the authorisation, authentication, and accounting of the activities of users, conforming a second specialisation which can be called  AAAI behaviours.


The roles of the data use community are described at  Use Roles.