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BI Insight: Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data technologies.


Access the knowledge contained in artefacts: presentations, text documents, sheets and others.


BI Insight S.A. is a Polish company operating in the market since 2006. It specializes in solutions combining Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data technologies as well as best practices in data management. BI Insight has many years of experience in natural language processing (NLP), closely cooperates in the field with leading academic centers and industry experts and is one of the leaders of this type of solution on the Polish market. 

BI Insight has created a system enabling users to access the knowledge contained in artifacts: presentations, text documents, sheets and others. The system utilizes Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning algorithms in creating recommendations, document classification, information retrieval (both from text and images embedded in documents), as well as building intelligent summaries. 

The bi ECM system won the first prize in the GOVTECH 2019 competition and became a finalist of the IT Future Awards 2019 competition and has been successfully implemented at the Ministry of Development and is used there by about 150 users.  


The growing resources of all kinds of electronic documents, especially in large organizations, government institutions and administration, lead to the search for effective methods of working with such documents, their quick search, classification and full use of the information contained therein. To meet the challenge of improving work in the area of ​​sharing knowledge and information collected in the organization, we designed and implemented a solution that facilitates access to unlimited resources of knowledge accumulated in the form of unstructured documents, stored in local resources and private and public clouds.

A distinguishing feature of the solution is the mechanisms of automatic indexing and sending of documents as well as intelligent data searching. Thanks to this, our system can quickly, accurately and efficiently search for the most desired information, combining it with publicly available public registers and Wiki resources. 

A user-friendly search engine using artificial intelligence mechanisms allows you to accelerate the process of obtaining information and optimize work in the organization, increasing personal productivity and efficiency of information circulation processes. The use of these features in scientific and academic environments can significantly contribute to accelerating the development of science, innovation, and discovery. 

Work Plan

As part of the pilot, it is planned to offer its functionality to a wide range of potential users from academia, industrial and governmental entities as a service. Deployment on Deep infrastructure is an opportunity to verify the platform capability to support the system in machine learning tasks.  

DEEP-Hybrid-DataCloud will provide execution environment for such tasks: services for learning models and their operationalization with the EOSC DIH offering cloud resources, integration support and consultancy as well as serving the wider dissemination channel.

Finally, use of the EOSC marketplace to present and offer clients our ECM management product knowledge accumulated in text documents once validated.

  • Test the potential of open source software and the service created in the DEEP project with infrastructure and support from EOSC DIH.
  • Launch a demo version of the product: a test version for customers who would like to become familiar with the system's functionality.
  • Embed a production instance that would be commercially available to clients in the cloud model.

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