Here are some tips to get you started. Sections 1 - 3 are general, about creating, editing and labelling pages. Section 4 explains how the pages for the technology review documentation are set up.

1. Create a page

  • Click "Create" and select "Blank Page" to create your first empty page.
  • Altermatively, click "..." (just to the right of the Create button) to create a page based on a existing template.
  • New pages are created as children of the page you are currently viewing.

2. Add to your page

  • Click "Edit" to enter the Confluence editor and use the page layouts feature to structure your content using sections and columns.
  • Use headings to format your text and drag and drop images into your page to provide visual interest.
  • Click "Insert more content" (the "+" dropdown on the editor toolbar) and select "Other Macros" to add macros for navigation, special formatting and other media.

3. Labelling pages

  • Labels help keep pages organised and make it easier for you to find the information you need. Click "Labels" at the bottom of a page to add or edit.


On this page:

4. The technology review pages

Here are some points about how the content is organised. See sidebar left.

  • Top level page and topic pages

The Context and overview page is the top-level introductory page.

There is a separate page for each topic to be covered in detail by the review. For those authoring content, there is an explanation of the structure of each page and guidelines for completing it in ActiveCollab. 

These are the main pages where content should be entered. If you need a new one of these pages created and linked (e.g., for a new topic), please ask Unknown User (alexh). You can do that while editing any page by starting a "task list".

  • Automated content

Some content of the pages is generated partially automatically. Please take care when editing i.e., do not remove or edit the macros.

  • Procedure for completing content

Topic leaders in consultation volunteers will partition the exploration and gathering of information and collaborate on the analysis and formulation of the initial report. The major steps in their work should be logged in Change history on the page.

Input during that process by others may be sent via email and may be incorporated at the time. A definitive version of the technology review will be made final before mid April 2016, and the finalisation indicated in the history.

From then on further improvements will be needed and welcome. The topic leader responsible for the page may simply produce a new version, optionally consulting others. This will be recorded in the history. Others wishing to change a page should make suggestions as attached comments or by email, preferably giving details and referencing material. During the ENVRIplus project, the topic leader (or a substitute chosen by ENVRIplus Theme 2) will respond to the comment, often developing and incorporating its information into this page; with an entry in the history indicating the nature and source of the contribution. The comments will normally be removed once they have been dealt with.


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