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General information



  • CentOS7 is the
    recommended OS until UMD5+CS9 are released
  • In case you have already some machines with C8, migration to CentOS Stream 8 is recommended
  • CS9 will be supported by CERN and FNAL
  • middleware: recommended path is C7->CS9 (we will skip CS8)

  • UMD Infrastructure:
    • testbed and scripts to test the new workflows
    • working on the jenkins + nexus interactions
      • in more detail using the nexus API we can create, upload sign rpm's and deb packages
      • working on the implementation of this into jenkins




Feedback from DMSU

New Known Error Database (KEDB)

The KEDB has been moved to Jira+Confluence:

  • problems are tracked with Jira tickets to better follow-up their evoulution
  • problems can be registered by DMSU staff and EGI Operations team

Monthly Availability/Reliability

Under-performed sites after 3 consecutive months, under-performed NGIs, QoS violations: (May 2022):

sites suspended: 


IPv6 readiness plans

Transition from X509 to federated identities (AARC profile token)

  • WLCG is testing aai tokens (WLCG profile) as authz system for accessing the middleware, with Indigo IAM as a replacement of VOMS
  • In Feb 2022 OSG will fully move to token-based AAI, abandoning X509 certificates
  • HTCondorCE: replacement of Grid Community Toolkit
    • The long-term support series (9.0.x) from the CHTC repositories will support X509/VOMS authentication through Sep 2022 Jan 2023
    • Starting in 9.3.0 (released in October), the HTCondor feature releases does NOT contain this support
    • EGI sites are recommended to stay with the long-term support series for the time being

What we need to know in preparation of the transition:

Checking the middleware compliance with the AARC Profile token:

Circulated a survey to check the awareness and readiness of users communities:

  • see details in the notes of past meetings

Migration of the VOs from VOMS to Check-in

  • transition period where both X509 and tokens can be used
    • delays in updating the GRID elements to the latest version compliant with tokens
    • not all if the middleware products can be compliant with tokens at the same time
    • the same VO has to interact with element supporting different authentications

Testing HTCondorCE and AARC Profile token

  • INFN-T1 did some tests with the AARC Profile token using its HTCondorCE endpoints
  • dteam VO registered in Check-in/Comanage:
    • Entitlements:
  • The HTCondorCE expects to find in the token the scope claim to authorise the jobs submission
    • at the moment Check-in doesn't release this claim: it will after the migration to Keykloak technology replacing MitreID

WLCG Campaign


  • CEs to fully support tokens by the end of the year (Dirac for the job submission)
  • data management services (dCache, STORM, FTS, Rucio, Dirac) might need a few years before droppin X509/VOMS support

Hackathon events

  • in July between CE developers and Check-in
  • In September, organised by WLCG, with HTCondorCE and ARC-CE to mostly investigating data staging issues (see GDB introduction)

DPM Decommission and migration

  • DPM supported until June 2023
  • Sites are encouraged to start the migration to a different storage element since the process will take time
    • choosing the new storage solution depends on the expertise/experience of the sites and on the needs of the supported VOs 
  • DPM provides a migration script to dCache (migration guide)
    • Transparent migration
      • Migrate just catalog (database) and keep files untouched
      • both SE store files on posix filesystem
  • Migration in three steps
    • verify the DPM data consistency
      • no downtime needed
      • the operation can last several days or some weeks
    • DPM dump and dCache import
      • downtime lasting about 1 day
  • In September we are going to open tickets to the sites

New benchmark replacing HEP-SPEC06

The benchmark HEPSCORE is going to replace the old Hep-Spec06

  • preparing plans with WLCG and the EGI Accounting team for deploying the new benchmark
  • transition period where both the benchmark will be published and used to normalise the data
    • to allow comparison between the two kind of data
  • APEL is working on a version where the accounting records contains 2 benchmarks 


EGI Conference 2022:

pre-registrations are open

Next meeting

Jul or Aug

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