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titleProject Vision

To empower European researchers, institutions and initiatives to easily discover, access, process, analyse and share Copernicus data, tools, resources and services through the EOSC Portal in a way that can be seamlessly integrated into their processes and research practices.

titleProject Mission

EOSC Portal will be enhanced with pan-European federated data and computing infrastructure services for Copernicus by the C-SCALE (Copernicus eoSC AnaLytics Engine) project. The C-SCALE open federation will integrate cross-/inter- disciplinary EOSC services, ensuring interoperability between distributed data  catalogues, computational tools and infrastructure. In doing so, the federation will increase the service offer of the EOSC Portal providing state-of-the-art research enabling services to its users.


To get an access to internal pages, please create an EGI SSO account :  and contact the C-SCALE Project Office: 

titleSpecific Objectives

O1: Scale-up the EOSC Portal integrating pan-European computing and data resources for Copernicus, including resources from, inter alia, the Copernicus DIAS platforms and the Collaborative Ground Segment nodes.

O2: Federated Copernicus resources with EOSC computing and storage providers to deliver a wide infrastructure optimised for very large FAIR data handling and fast user query response to support Copernicus data uptake.

O3: Piloting the provision of a distributed online Sentinel long-term archive in EOSC.

O4: Co-design of the federation with relevant scientific communities across Europe to offer a seamless user experience and increased exploitation of Copernicus resources through the EOSC Portal