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The EOSC-hub Helpdesk allows users to submit their requests through a single-entry point.The unified system acts as first level of support, which automatically forwards tickets to the appropriate underlying support system.( is the entry point and ticketing  system/request tracker for issues concerning EOSC services. New service providers of EOSC can integrate into the Helpdesk and this results in:

  • a corresponding support topic listed on the Helpdesk user interface (for users to ask questions or raise issues directly to the provider)
  • the provider support team to receive notifications about tickets that are assigned to this topic by the users, or by the ticket handler team of EOSC-hub. 

The Helpdesk therefore serves two groups, offering the following features to them: 

  • Main features offered to users:
    • Creation of a ticket for any of the EOSC Services (Hub and EOSC Portfolios)
    • Display all the tickets created by the owner
    • Find previously created tickets
    • Receive notifications about answers and changes to the tickets
    • Login with the EOSC AAI system
  • Main features offered to the provider Helpdesk Team:
    • Notification when a new ticket is created
    • Classification of the tickets
    • Escalation of the tickets to the ticket handler team of EOSC-hub
    • Creation of a new support unit with assignation of an administrator role to specific users
    • Management of incident or disruption of Hub services
    • Interface for communicating with other service providers ticketing systems
    • First level support for EOSC integrated services as a service
    • Interface with a Known Errors Database and with a Change Management Database

EOSC services can  use  the EOSC  Helpdesk  choosing  one  of  the  following  integration options: 

  1. Direct Usage: Use directly the EOSC helpdesk as the ticketing system for the service. 
  2. Ticket Redirection: Use the EOSC helpdesk only as a contact point to redirect the entry request for the specific service to a mailing list.
  3. Full Integration: Integrate an external ticketing system with the EOSC helpdesk infrastructure to enable transfer of tickets between them. 

Why to use it

  • Have a central point of contact for support of your EOSC users
  • Route/reroute issues to where they can be solved within EOSC


Main features offered to the user are: