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The table will cover all dissemination activities undertaken by the tasks/work packages. Keeping this table up to date will facilitate all downstream reporting activities.

Types of activities:

Please select from: Presentation - Invited keynote - Panel discussion - Journal paper - Conference paper - Poster - Training event - Webinar - Blog post - News item - Newsletter article - Publication - Interview - Exhibition booth - Other (please specify)

Related project result: all activities should be linked to a project result. WP3 will produce a full catalogue of project results. While we don't have one, please select an item from the expected project results table.

Type of audience:

Please select from: Existing User Communities (e.g. our competence centres) - Resource Providers - Scientific Community (prospective users) - SMEs and Industry - Civil Society - Policy Makers - Funding Agencies - EOSC-hub partners - Media - Other (please specify)

This page is harvested regularly and older entries are harvested in a separate google spreadsheet (contains all activities added up to 18 July 2019)

WP9 dissemination activities collected here: WP9 Dissemination

Detailed instructions

Related project resultType of activities

Task # 



Outlet /
Name of event

Location (if applicable)Type of audienceEstimated ReachScale



Something from the catalogue of project results

Journal paperW10.xThe incredible Technical Architecture of the EOSC-hub project2017/01/10Journal of Amazing ProjectsNot applicableResource Providerse.g. number of citations (after a year), number of downloads; WorldwideLink to the PDF / webpage


Something from the catalogue of project results

Invited keynoteWP7.xThe benefit of Thematic Service Y to VVVologists2017/02/0220th European VVVology ConferenceSão Mamede de Infesta, PortugalScientific Community~100 people attended the sessionEuropeanLink to the online abstract

PresentationWP5.3GOCDB2019/03/07WP5 F2F Service Order Management and Supporting ToolsMunichEOSC-hub partners

PresentationWP5.3GOCDB Roadmap2019/04/24GridPP42Abingdon, UKExisting User Communities, Scientific Communities, Resource Providers~60UK

PresentationWP5.3GOCDB Roadmap2019/05/07EGI Conference 2019AmsterdanEOSC-hub partners, Existing User Communities, Scientific Communities, Resource Providers

Training eventWP5

Training Data Management Planning

2018/10/09Digital Infrastructures for Research 2018Lisbon, PortugalAll30European

Presentation WP5AARC Blueprint Architecture and its evolution – towards the EOSC AAI for research communities


ESFRI RIs and EOSC WorkshopLondon, UK Sientific Communities100European

Presentation + training sessionWP5The EOSC-hub proposal for the EOSC AAI


EOSC-hub Week 2018Malaga, SpainScientific Communities, Resource Providers50European

Webinar WP5Authentication and Authorisation  Infrastructure Services


EOSC-hub tech-talk: AAINot applicableScientific Communities 100Worldwide

PresentationWP5EOSC-hub AAI Service Architecture 


Digital Infrastructures for Research 2018Lisbon, Portugal

Scientific Communities, general public 

EOSC Service portfolioPresentationWP3How to connect to EOSC?


SSHOC Kick-off Meeting 2019Utrecht, NetherlandsScientific Communities150European

EOSC Marketplace

EOSC Portal

PresentationsWP5.2EOSC service provider onboarding: Why joining the EOSC portal?


EOSC-hub Week 2019Prague, Czech RepublicScientific Communities, Resource Providers300European

Training sessionWP5 Training on the EOSC-hub AAI: the service provider perspective


EOSC-hub Week 2019 Prag, Czech RepublicScientific Communities, general public 100European

EOSC Marketplace

EOSC Portal

PresentationWP7.7Agora Session


ESA Living Planet Symposium 2019Milan, ItalyScientific Community, Policy Makers150European
EOSC Service PortfolioPresentationWP6EOSC support to scientific computing needs in to Earth Observation with the EGI Federated Cloud


EODC Forum 2019Vienna, AustriaScientific Community120European
EOSC Service PortfolioInvited KeynoteWP1, WP2

The Present and Future of Open Science in Europe


42nd international convention on information and communication technology, electronics andmicroelectronics

Opatiija, CroatiaScientific Community100European

Integration and interoperabilityPresentationWP6, WP10EGI Cloud Services in a Federated Multi-Supply Environment


6th workshop of the Open Research Cloud AllianceWashington DCSMEs and Industry, Scientific Community50Worldwide
EO PillarPresentationWP7Cloud Computing Needs for Earth Observation Data Analysis: EGI and the European Open Science Cloud


Japan Geosciences UnionChiiba, JapanScientific Communities50Worldwide
EOSC Service PortfolioWebinarWP2.2Early Adopter Programme


EOSC-hub WebsiteNAScientific Communities50European
Disaster Mitigation CCPresentations + workshopWP8.8Environmental Computing Workshop31/3/2019ISGC 2019Taipei, Taiwanresearchers, e-infra providers

Rules of ParticipationPresentation + Position paperWP2, WP4Opening the floodgates for open science


Science Business PaperBrusselsPolicy Makers, Funding AgenciesNAEuropean
Service Management SystemPresentationWP4European Open Science Cloud (EOSC): It’s a brave new world - creating and supporting digital Communities


TNC 2019Tallinn, Estoniaresearchers, e-infra providers60European

EOSC Portal

EOSC Marketplace

Presentation and panelWP5.2

Developing the EOSC portal for the benefits of the user communities


Building Open Science in Europe: The road ahead for the EOSC community and the EU Member StatesTallinn, EstoniaScientific Community, Resource Providers60European
EOSC Data Services for FAIR Data ManagementWebinarWP11EUDAT services for FAIR Data Management27/06/2019CompBioMed Webinar #9: EUDAT services for FAIR Data ManagementNot applicableCommunity researchers, data managers and IT support people13European
EOSC MarketplaceNewsWP3New service: 100 Percent IT Trusted Cloud10/07/2019EOSC-hub website, NewsfeedNot applicableCommunity researchers, IT people and the wider public

EOSC MarketplaceNewsWP3New service: Metacentrum Cloud18/07/2019EOSC-hub website, NewsfeedNot applicableCommunity researchers, the EC, IT people and the general public

EOSC B2SAFEPresentations+workshop+paperWP6Plugin: An authentication solution for iRODS based on the OpenID Connect protocol,and:
Integration of iRODS data workflows in an extensible HTTP REST API framework

26-27 July 2019iRODS UGM 2019UtrechtScientific Community, data managers and software developers200 people attended the conferenceWorldwide including US
EOSC MarketplaceNewsWP3New services on the Marketplace23 July 2019EOSC-hub website, NewsfeedNot applicableCommunity researchers, the EC, IT people and the general publicNAEuropean
EOSC-hub WeNMR suite for structural biologyPresentation + training sessionWP11.5/WP7.6Synergy of experiment and computation in quantitative systems biology23-28 June 2019EMBO workshopCzech RepublicStructural biologists, researcher
EOSC-hub WeNMR suite for structural biologyPresentation + training sessionWP11.5/WP7.6BioExcel summer school on biomolecular simulations01-05 July 2019BioExcel Summer SchoolSardinia, ItalyResearchers (primarily PhD and post-docs) using or planning to use biomolecular modeling and simulation in their everyday research.28European
EOSC-hub WeNMR suite for structural biologyPresentation + training sessionWP11.5/WP7.6EMBO course on Integrative Structural Biology at Institut Pasteur08-12 July 2019EMBOInstitut Pasteur, FranceGraduate student / postdoctoral level25European
EOSC-hub briefing paperBlog articleWP3Federating Core Governance and Sustainability


EOSC-hub websiteNAEOSC-hub/EOSC communitiesNAEuropean
EOSC-hub MagazinePublicationWP3EOSC-hub Magazine issue 4


EOSC-hub websiteNAEOSC-hub community, the EC, general publicNAEuropean
EOSC Service Management SystemWebinarWP2/WP3An EOSC-hub proposal for the EOSC Service Management System


An EOSC-hub proposal for the EOSC Service Management SystemonlineCommunity researchers, the EC, IT people and the general public41European
EOSC-hub WeNMR suite for structural biologyKeynote lecture at APAN48 (Asia Pacific Advanced Network Meeting)WP11.5
22-26 JulyAPAN48MalaysiaCommunity researchers, IT people and the general public250Worldwide
EOSC Technical ArchitectureWebinarWP10An EOSC-hub proposal for the EOSC Technical Architecture24 JulyEOSC websiteonlineCommunity researchers, IT specialists and the general public52European
EOSC MarkeplaceNewsWP3News service published: Alien 4 Cloud26 JulyEOSC Markeplace websiteonlineCommunity researchers, IT specialists and the general publicNAEuropean
EOSC MarkeplaceNewsWP3News service published: CyVerse UK29 JulyEOSC Markeplace websiteonlineCommunity researchers, IT specialists, EC, and the general publicNAEuropean
EOSC-hub Briefing paper/EOSC Federating CoreWebinarWP2EOSC-hub Initial Proposals for EOSC Federating Core Definition, Governance and Sustainability


EOSC-hub WebsiteonlineCommunity researchers, IT specialists, EC, and the general publicNAEuropean
EOSC PortalPosterWP1.1, WP5.2EOSC Portal


HORIZON 2020 CONTRIBUTIONS TO BUILDING THE EOSC BrusselsPolicy makers, Funding Agencies100 peopleEuropean
EOSC PortalPanel Discussion

WP1.1, WP5.2


EOSC Portal

EOSC Federating Core


EOSC-hub Strategy BoardBrusselsPolicy makers, Funding Agencies, Research Infrastructures10 peopleEuropean (closed)

EOSC federating core

EOSC Early Adopter Programme

KeynoteWP2, WP3The European Open Science Cloud and its Use Cases for Climate, Weather, Earth and Environmental System Research


ICAS 2019 Symposium — International Computing for the Atmospheric Sciences Symposium

Stresa, ItalyScientific Community (climate change)100 peopleworldwide
EOSC Technical Interoperability guidelines, EOSC federating core, Service Description TemplatePresentation and Panel DiscussionWP2, WP10Service Interoperability: moving towards a common framework


EPOS IP Final Event: EPOS practical solutions to Data Interoperability & FAIRnessMadrid, SpainScientific Community100 peopleEuropean
Application DatabasePresentationWP5, WP6EGI AppDB VM operations dashboard: Create and manage VM instances in the EGI fedcloud infrastructure


EGI Conference 2019Amsterdam, NetherlandsScientific Community30European
Application DatabasePresentationWP5EGI AppDB - OpenAIRE integration


Digital Infrastructures for Research 2018Lisbon, PortugalScientific CommunityN/AEuropean
Application DatabasePresentationWP5EGI AppDB: New features for user communities


Digital Infrastructures for Research 2018Lisbon, PortugalScientific CommunityN/AEuropean
Application DatabasePresentationWP5Applications Database & Collaboration Tools


EOSC-hub week 2018Malaga, SpainScientific CommunityN/AEuropean
Application DatabaseDemonstrationWP5, WP6Cloud services & AppDB VM Marketplace


EOSC-hub week 2018Malaga, SpainScientific CommunityN/AEuropean

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