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Science Demonstrator 7 illustrates how a LifeWatch researcher can easily upload and integrate an analysis algorithm in D4Science, and share it with other researchers in a VRE. The use case proposed an integration solution that links the D4Science/gCube VRE to the LifeWatch RI and to the EGI e-Infrastructure.  This integration, for example, enables individual researchers to repeat and reuse algorithms at will, run trend analysis, and add new parameters and custom data. The VRE provides provenance registration that improves reproducibility and also allows retention of computation results in the user’s workspace. This facilitates editing and adaptation of algorithms, features that are not provided by the existing LifeWatch ICT.

Science Demonstrator 8 addresses a common problem identifying in-situ observation sites across RIs. It can be challenging to identify synergies and potential collaboration between different in-situ environmental research infrastructures for cross-RI activities due to a lack of a common site registry. DEIMS-SDR ( not only acts as a RI-independent site registry, but also issues unique, persistent and resolvable identifiers that can be used to easily detect co-location and overlaps in different RIs. Site information can be extracted using standardised OGC services like WFS or CSW and therefore addresses the requirements for curation and cataloguing defined in use case IC8. DEIMS-SDR is also used in task 12.3.3 for the supply of site information with the aim to come up with a proof of concept for a federated site concept.