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By Science Demonstrator we mean “a showcase of a service solution illustrated through a prototype implementation, which serves as proof or evidence that the Theme2 services can bring added value for supporting ENVRIplus community to deliver scientific research”. Nine well-developed use cases that are have been selected as the final Science Demonstrators.

NEWS: A questionnaire-based tool for user evaluation of the Science Demonstrators is now available at - please participate and use it to give the developers valuable feedback!

The tool is the final deliverable (D9.4) of ENVRIplus Work Package 9. It was primarily developed to provide a concrete example of how the dialogue between the developers of these services and their user communities can be facilitated and streamlined by allowing the collection of evaluation information and other feedbacks with the help of a structured on-line questionnaire. The evaluation criteria covered by the survey include Accessibility or Ease of use, Maturity, Sustainability, Visibility, Impact, Portability, Scope, Potential, Domain coverage, and Explicit ENVRIplus contribution.

The complete survey consists of 70 questions arranged in 15 groups. Depending on which service is evaluated, the respondent is presented with ca 35 questions, which on average should take 15-20 minutes to complete. The publicly available survey response summary is available at; this displays basic statistics for a selected subset of the survey questions.

Science Demonstrator 1: Support EISCAT_3D Users to Reporcess Data Using User's Algorithm (Use Case IC_3)