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NameStatus in CMDDescriptionCapabilitiesTechnology ProviderResponsibleContactSecurity contactOpenStack versionsOpenNebula versionsOperating SystemsIPv6 ReadinessRelease channelsDocumentationVerification procedureEarly AdoptersSupport unitQuality of SupportSupport CalendarLast update for information
BDIIReleasedBDII information provider - site BDIIInformation ProviderEGIPaolo Andreettopaolo.andreetto@pd.infn.itpaolo.andreetto@pd.infn.itAnyAnyCentOS7, Ubuntu

Information System Support Unit

November 2018
SSM - Secure Stomp ManagerReleased (for CentOS 7)A transport layer used to send accounting (and other) messages across EGI Messaging infrastructureAccounting Transport LayerSTFCAdrian Coveneyapel-admins at at 7, Ubuntu TrustyYes (untested)

APELMediumPart of core service so will be supported while EGI/WLCG require it.Sep 2018
GridSiteReleasedApache module for extracting auth info + accompanying toolsAuthenticationMetaCentrum (CESNET)Zdeněk Šustr, František Dvořá
All OpenStack and OpenNebula versionsNot applicableLinux
UMD, EPEL, Debian (3rd party packaging), verification / staged rolloutEGI SW provisioningGridSiteMediumReactiveSep 2016

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