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FAQ Responsible Units


  • The FAQ about responsible units started as FAQ about support units long ago. In March 2011 a new FAQ was started inside the EGI wiki.
  • The FAQs shall help the TPM to assign tickets and other responsible units to reassign tickets.
  • The FAQ is searchable and public.
  • The FAQ will not contain e-mail adresses or internal informations.

The fields are

|Unit= Responsible Unit This is the name take from the GGUS system, please do not change.

|E-Mail=unused|Interface=unused|purpose=What is the purpose of the UNIT?

|components=For which components do you provide support?|service quality=Which quality of service (QoS) will you provide?

|assigned by=Who will assign tickets to UNIT? This could be TPM or DMSU or ...

|solved by=Are tickets typically solved in UNIT or reassigned elsewhere?

|responsible=Who is responsible for UNIT? This could be a person or an organisation.

|documentation= What documentation is available on UNIT?

|more= What if I have questions which are not dealt with by this FAQ? this is optional

|sortname= Name of the UNIT, with first letter upper case and everything else lower case. this helps sorting the FAQ, please do not change.

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