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Naturally, the demonstrator is first and foremost of primary interest to a specific scientific community, namely the one consisting of the various aerosol research groups that study new particle formation events. To the best of our knowledge, the globally most renown research group in this area is the one led by Prof. Markku Kulmala at University of Helsinki[7]. Prof. Kulmala and some of the postdocs in his group have been involved in the developments of this demonstrator. Most importantly, postdocs have been actively involved in the development of a conceptualization of new particle formation events and a corresponding concept of the Environment Ontology. Naturally, in its current stage the demonstrator is a prototype to showcase to the scientific and infrastructure communities what is possible using state of the art interoperable infrastructures. A transition in practice from how data analysis is currently done to such infrastructures as demonstrated here requires further work as well as further acceptance by the scientific community. While we think to have reached an important milestone with this demonstrator, we cannot claim to know if and when such a transition will occur, for this scientific community or beyond. Clearer is, however, the imperative of the transition toward a practice as delineated by this demonstrator.

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