This workshop was delivered in Zandvoort, 14/15 May 2018. The topic was chosen out of the full list of topics that are part of the EMMRI master in RI management which has been developed by the University of Milano Bicocca (UNIMIB) in collaboration with the RITrain project.  The staff from UNIMIB was hired by the ENVRIplus project under a subcontract to prepare and deliver the training.

The full program of the training can be found here

52 Persons registered for the training, covering almost all RI's in ENVRI. Each RI was offered a grant of max. 500 euro to fund the travel of one person to attend the training, this budget was made available from the training events budget, held by UvA for all WP15 training activities.

Participants were asked to complete an evaluation form afterward; in general, the training was received as very useful and the training staff as knowledgeable and cooperative.


Training workshop 2: STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP

The budget dedicated to Task 15.3 allowed for hosting an additional workshop, which was specifically requested by the BEERi (see task 17.2) to organize a dedicated training on leadership on RI, mainly for directors and higher management in the RI's or their representing institutions.

This training was set up in a similar way as training Workshop 1, with topics borrowed from the full EMMRI master and a subcontract to deliver the training by UNIMIB. A full program can be found here

The training took place in Milan, 4-6 February and 25 persons registered for this event. This was the target number of participants, as we aimed for an in depth and intensive collaborative workshop. The evaluation after the training showed a very high level of satisfaction.


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