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Media can be used as a dissemination channel through press releases, news agencies, articles and other press material to engage with citizens, policy makers and industry. It can be used to raise awareness of the importance of the RI. Global news agencies and press releases can be used for disseminating information of the different products and services of the RI. 

Social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Research gate, Twitter, and blogs) can be a powerful with facility dissemination method, but often it requires constant activity. Social media provides tools to quickly disseminate information, interact with many different groups, including specialists, and receive feedback from audiences. In best cases, it can be a good tool to promote the RI, its goals and materials like videos, catalogues or data products, advertise upcoming events and conferences, inform users about updates, find new users for its products, make new contacts and to share recent results or publications. Maintaining social media account, either Twitter or Facebook, requires often more personal effort and more frequently than maintaining a website. It is not enough to create a social media account, but RI need to promote it to its target audiences. Find people, projects, institutes, companies and other RI who to follow and to provide relevant, informative and appealing content for them. Following the news feed and finding the relevant news to share and make own content can be endless job. 

It is good to recognize the target audiences of each of the social media platforms and take this into account in the content of the news shared. It is worth considering can the exactly same piece of news be shared in several social media accounts or does it need to be fine tuned based on the target audience. Via social media RI can reach general public (especially Facebook and Instagram), scientific communities (LinkedIn Twitter), decision/policy makers (mainly Twitter). It can be difficult to get different target audiences (example researchers or policy makers) to follow RI in the social media and if they do, the messages can disappear to the constant flow of information present e.g. in Twitter.

Social media are very helpful when organizing the events. It is recommended to create a communication plan before the event’s kick off to start thinking of the timing and key messages to be communicated during the event (e.g. welcome and closing messages keynote speakers during the conference, practical information concerning the event organization, etc.)

Dissemination follow up in Social media

  • Number of followers. This is an indicator of the number of users directly following RI in social media.
  • Number of shares per post. This indicates whether the reached audience feels the message important enough to be distributed further and attached to the user’s own name and profile.
  • Number of people reached. This is the total number of people reached by social media as a result of the first two social media KPIs above.
  • Number of link clicks. In social media the space available or realistic for an individual post is limited, and the more detailed information is provided via a link. This indicator provides information how many of the reached persons have deeper interest to the content of the post.
  • Monitor the traffic from social media to the RI’s website to follow how the promotion through social media converts to further actions.
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