The ENVRI Reference Model (ENVRI RM) defines an archetypical environmental research infrastructure. The ENVRI RM is structured according to the Open Distributed Processing (ODP) standard, ISO/IEC 10746-n, and as such, is defined from five different perspectives.

The Science, Information and Computational viewpoints take particular priority. These viewpoints allow expression of the complex concerns of the research infrastructures at a high level of abstraction. When building a research infrastructure, these viewpoints are important during the design and conceptualisation phases. These viewpoints have been defined previously by the ENVRI project, and enhanced by the ENVRIplus project.

The Engineering and Technology viewpoints complement the high level abstractions of the other three viewpoints by describing elements for physically building research infrastructures. When building a research infrastructure, these viewpoints are more relevant in the implementation and operational phases. These viewpoints are being defined as part of the ENVRIplus project.



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