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This was originally a Horizon 2020 project COOP+ deliverable on WP3 (Dissemination). The original project plan in that project included many individual experiments on creating new ways for environmental RIs to communicate and disseminate in and outside of Europe. For the final deliverable, we decided to include further information gathering also from the whole ENVRI community on different tools and methods, and to create a virtual "handbook" for use of these methods.

This is a living document, and should not be considered to be "finished" - indeed many parts of the document are technology dependent, and use cases are perhaps not covering all aspects of these potential challenges. This is the reason we decided to include this in the ENVRI Wiki, so that contributors have a possibility to include their commentaries and edits.

Dec. 2018

Ari Asmi and Päivi Haapanala, University of Helsinki

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